Highlights of the AFS Executive Meeting of June 7th, 2017.

Present: Doug Mason (President). Chris Roach (Vice-President and Atlantic Regional Representative).  Regional Representatives: Shawn Gillis (Ontario and Treasurer), Mark Muench (CS National Consultation Representative), Phil Choo (BC / Yukon), Robert Trudeau (Prairies/NWT), Ian Tait (HQ), Allaudin Alibhai (NCR IT), Steve Parent (Quebec), Manny Costain (CS Regional Representative and Secretary), and Al Ravjiani (Toronto).

Executive Meeting Précis – May 17, 2017

These minutes were approved as presented.  They will be sent for translation and posting.

Financial Update

The AFS Group finances were reviewed by the AFS Executive.

Review of the Action Items

The action items from the May 17th Executive meeting were reviewed and action items completed were removed.

AFS Sub Group Presidents Meeting

The Executive finalized the agenda for the meeting and prepared the wording for the vote on classification as a bargaining issue.


The Executive finalized the agenda for the meeting and reviewed resolutions submitted by sub groups.

Consultation: Job-Aid for Non-Advertised Staffing

The Executive expressed their concerns regarding the increase of non-advertised staffing.  Some concerns are bridging of students to permanent employees at a higher level than other employees (i.e student to AU-02), using a specific training course as a selection criteria the Management knows only one candidate has achieved.

The Executive would like a face to face consultation meeting with the Employer on the issue.

EE and Diversity Meeting Options

The Executive expressed its concern regarding the name change and change in mandate of the Employment Equity committee. Employment Equity is legislated and changing the name and the mandate of the committee may be a way to circumvent the legislation.  A letter will be prepared and sent to the Employer expressing the Executive’s concern over the name change and change in mandate.

ESDC Ruling:  Billings Bridge Bathrooms not Meeting CLC Regulations

There was a recent ruling where it was found that because the building is leased the Employer does not have to comply with the CLC regulations.  The regulations require four (4) washroom stalls on each floor with 51 or more employees.

The Executive has asked PIPSC to file a judicial review.

Leave Clawback Update

A change was made to CAS regarding accumulation of leave credits.  The Employer is not sure when it was changed or why so the issue may have been ongoing for some time.  There are concerns with summer approaching that leave problem may occur due to leave with income averaging and other leaves.

Next Executive Meeting

The next AFS Executive meeting will take place on September 30th  in conjunction with the NCR Steward Council.