Dear colleagues,

We are ready to bargain. NRC management said they will send their bargaining position to us this week. As you know from our last updates, we have our demands ready and are keen to get started.

Last week the RO/RCO group executive sent you an invitation to complete an anonymous survey to choose slogans to support our bargaining team. So far more than 450 RO/RCO members have registered their opinions. The most popular slogan so far is: “Make Science Work for Canada.” Another popular option is: “Research is Our Business - Let’s Do it Right.” Many of you suggested other options we are considering. Thanks to all who have completed the survey. Please complete it soon if you haven’t yet - here is the link

The survey has options for leaving us your comments on bargaining. We also asked what bargaining topics you would like more information about. So far the most popular options are: “Information about the bargaining process - what happens when,” and “information on pay and benefits settlements for other research groups in the federal public service.”

The next step now is to agree on dates when your RO/RCO team can meet with the NRC negotiators. We will let you know when these dates are confirmed. We will prepare information about the bargaining process and send that with the next update within 10 days. In the coming weeks, we will prepare information on the other topics you are interested in.

We received so many positive comments and encouragement - thank you! Some of you also indicated your frustration and confusion with the situation - why we have been without a collective agreement for so long. As NRC employees and RO/RCO volunteers, we too share your frustration!

If you would like to know who is on your RO/RCO bargaining team, here is the link

If you would like information about your RO/RCO group executive - who we are and what we do, including the latest July newsletter - check out our website

In solidarity,

Your PIPSC NRC RO/RCO bargaining team and RO/RCO group executive