Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Québec City Chapter of the Retired Members Guild, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, held October 12, 2016, at Le Rascal restaurant, 5050 Hamel Boulevard, Québec City.

  1. Call to Order

After verifying quorum, André Cantin, President of the Québec City Chapter, called the meeting to order at 11:14 a.m. He welcomed everyone, in particular Patrick Kinnear, National President of the PIPSC Retired Members Guild. He then said that Yvon Brodeur, Quebec Regional Director, was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict. Réjean Michaud, President of the Québec City Branch, could not attend for the same reason. Réjean asked Alain T. Tremblay, the Vice-President of the Québec City Branch, to replace him. André then introduced the Chapter’s Executive members. He noted that the Québec City Chapter currently has 57 members and presented the RMG’s new French/English logo. The logo appeared on the meeting notice sent out for our Chapter’s 2016 AGM.   

2.0 Review and Approval of the Agenda

The President read the agenda. Denis Arsenault, seconded by Fernand Beaudoin, moved that the agenda be approved. 

Carried unanimously.

3.0 Reading and Adoption of the October 28, 2015 AGM Minutes

Roch Carrier, seconded by Gédéon Drouin, moved that the October 28, 2015 AGM minutes be adopted.

Carried unanimously.

4.0 Treasurer’s Financial Report

Michel Bédard presented the Chapter’s statement of revenues and expenses for the period October 28, 2015 to October 12, 2016.

5.0 President’s Report

André Cantin said that there were four Québec City Chapter Executive meetings since the last AGM (October 28, 2015) and that the minutes can be found on the PIPSC website under “Retired Members Guild” - “Québec City Chapter.”

André went on to talk about the continued efforts to get clarification on the RMG’s role within PIPSC. A letter was sent to President Debi Daviau requesting that a PIPSC committee be established to clarify the role and vision of the RMG within PIPSC. The President assigned Steve Hindle to respond to this request. Despite a telephone conversation and some email exchanges with Mr. Hindle, no action has been taken in regard to the committee’s future.

The President then addressed the progress on the initiative to establish a PIPSC-RMG pension and benefits advisory committee. A resolution was adopted to that effect and sent to our National Executive and to the PIPSC President for review and discussion. André recalled that a PowerPoint presentation entitled The Federal Public Service Pension Plan can be found on the PIPSC website under the Retired Members Guild tab. Pension discussions between our pension manager and PIPSC expert Bernard Dussault continued this year.

André also highlighted the participation of some of our Chapter’s Executive members in the Quebec Regional Council, as well as the Québec City Branch’s meetings, including its 2016 AGM. He also indicated that the Chapter is in regular contact with Yvon Brodeur, Quebec Regional Director.

He reminded members that the Chapter’s October 2015 and April 2016 newsletters had been sent out and can be found on the PIPSC website at any time. The October 2016 newsletter is in the works. The purpose of the newsletters is to keep members informed of all local and national RMG activities. Feedback is always welcome.

The President reported on the ongoing efforts to recruit retired PIPSC members, including new retirees. There is regular contact between our Secretary-Treasurer and the PIPSC National Office so that we receive an updated list of our Chapter’s retired members on a semi-annual basis.

André underscored the participation of some Chapter members in Operation Red Nose in December 2015. Efforts are being made once again this year to increase the involvement of our Chapter and the National Association of Federal Retirees (NAFR) in the December 2016 campaign. Members wishing to participate are urged to contact our Secretary-Treasurer, Michel Bédard (bedmich1998@gmail.com).

He also noted the participation of some of the Executive members in the NAFR’s regular meetings and its 2016 AGM. He encourages members to visit the site (http://www.anrf-sq.org/), which is the envy of a number of organizations.

The President closed by noting that he and the Vice-President took part in four regional meetings and in the 2016 AGM of the Table de concertation des Ainés de la Capitale-Nationale. Follow this link for the Table’s website: Https://www.facebook.com/ainescapnat.qc.ca (in French only). Through these meetings, our Chapter has been able to maintain close ties and participate in productive discussions with the various pensioner associations and organizations (67) belonging to the Table de concertation.

6.0 Adoption of By-Law Amendments

Jean-Pierre Morency, Vice-President of the Québec City Chapter, presented the revised version of our By-Laws adopted in 2015. The minor amendments were made at the request of PIPSC’s By-Laws Committee.

Gédéon Drouin, seconded by Élie Ahad, moved that the revised version of the By-Laws submitted at the Chapter’s 2016 AGM be approved by the members.

Carried unanimously.

The amended French version of our Chapter's By-Laws can be found at Appendix1.

  1. Meal

The President paused the meeting for the meal and drew names for the door prizes, which were won by Johanne Tremblay, Michel Bédard and Gédéon Drouin.

  1. Presentation by Patrick Kinnear, National RMG President

After thanking the Chapter’s Executive members for inviting him to attend the 2016 AGM, Mr. Kinnear apologized for not being able to speak to them in French. He recalled that the Québec City Chapter was the first RMG Chapter and that it remains one of the most active. The first topic he addressed was mobilization. He explained in detail the benefits for both retired members (knowledge, experience, power, time, immunity) and regular members of PIPSC. He then reported on the RMG's activities and projects. He noted the following: his involvement in the 2015 federal election, his role as a resource in preparing the Institute Strike Manual, the action he has taken to help establish a joint PIPSC-RMG pension and benefits committee, his efforts to get a seat on the Advisory Council, the drafting by his Executive of a document on the future direction of the RMG, and the lead role he took in preparing for PIPSC’s 100th anniversary in 2020. He concluded by answering some questions asked by some future retirees as to what the RMG could do for them. In addition, he fielded questions from current RMG members as to why they should continue their membership. He replied that by being members they are helping to protect our benefits and pension, they are taking an active part in the Chapter’s activities and they are personally involved in bringing about change.

9.0 Update from the Quebec Regional Director

Since Yvon Brodeur was absent, Élie Ahad reported on some of the issues that Yvon had intended to address.

10.0 Québec City Branch President’s Report

Alain T. Tremblay, Vice-President of the Québec City Branch, gave a brief report on the Branch’s activities over the past year. A lunch and learn on the status of negotiations was held on June 14, 2016 at Le Maizerets restaurant. Stéphane Aubry was the guest speaker. The Québec City Branch AGM took place at the Citadelle on September19, 2016. Pierre Cloutier, the first speaker, talked about the history of the Citadelle and Alain Deneault, the second speaker, spoke to the members about tax havens.

11.0 Report by the RMG’s Regional Representative for Quebec

Élie Ahad said that the meetings of the Vision Committee and RMG National Executive took place in Ottawa on September 14 and 15, 2016, respectively. Terry Sing attended the two meetings, while Steve Hindle (VP, PIPSC) was absent. The main subjects discussed are outlined below.

In regard to the proposed joint PIPSC-RMG pension and benefits committee, Élie said that the National RMG Executive had unanimously adopted a first resolution. A second resolution passed unanimously to forward the matter to Steve Hindle (VP, PIPSC) so that it could be included on the PIPSC Board of Directors agenda.

Élie then talked about the Advisory Council. Terry Sing is currently an observer on this Council. The RMG would like to be represented on the Council’s Executive to increase our visibility and address all matters of concern to retirees.

He indicated that a resolution was passed to allow, starting in 2017, the RMG presidents (or their alternatives) to attend the RMG’s AGM at PIPSC’s expense.

He said that the PIPSC By-Laws Committee received a resolution aimed at excluding all members who are not Stewards from the executives of constituent bodies.

He then broached the subject of PIPSC’s 100th anniversary. Starting in 2017, there will be a section on the website devoted to the anniversary; all envelopes sent by PIPSC will bear the 100th anniversary logo.

He also indicated that a resolution passed in regard to the funding and coordination of PIPSC’s early retirement education program.

He clarified that, despite a significant increase in the number of retirees from 2010 to 2016, recent figures show that the total number of RMG members has hardly changed.

With respect to the asbestos issue, Élie stated that PIPSC has compiled a list of federal government buildings containing asbestos. This information will be published in the next Newsletter.

He closed by announcing that the next National Executive meeting was going to be held in Gatineau on the morning of November 17, 2016 and that the RMG’s AGM is planned for the afternoon. The RMG's Vision Committee and National Executive Committee meetings are scheduled to take place in Ottawa on December 14 and 15, 2016, respectively.

  1. Other and New Business


  1. Adjournment

Alain T. Tremblay moved to adjourn the meeting at 3 p.m. Léandre Sévigny seconded the motion.

Carried unanimously.

Note: In these minutes, the masculine refers to both the masculine and the feminine genders and is used for conciseness purposes only.

Michel Bédard


Québec City Chapter, Retired Members Guild

October 27, 2016

André Cantin President’s Signature

Michel Bédard Secretary-Treasurer’s Signature