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This year, PIPSC will launch the next phase of our campaign - Why Public Science Matters. Part of the drive to highlight the importance of public science will involve gathering your stories about why you are passionate about your work, what you have achieved, and why your work is important to Canadians.



In June 2013, Environics Research conducted a survey of federal scientists to better understand how cuts to science and communication policies have impacted public science capacity as well as public health, safety and the environment. The following is a representative selection from over 1,000 comments anonymously posted by federal government scientists as part of the survey.


Vanishing Science

The results of an extensive survey of federal government scientists on the impact of ongoing cutbacks and a further public opinion survey of Canadians’ top science priorities reveal that, in addition to seriously harming Canada’s capacity to serve the public, the Harper government’s agenda for science is severely out of sync with the wishes of a large majority of Canadians.


Big Chill

A major survey of federal government scientists commissioned by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), has found that 90% feel they are not allowed to speak freely to the media about the work they do and that, faced with a departmental decision that could harm public health, safety or the environment, nearly as many (86%) would face censure or retaliation for doing so.



Latest Faces - Scientists Tell Their Stories

Every day, scientists, researchers and regulators working in government departments, agencies and laboratories contribute to the health, safety and prosperity of Canadians and their communities.

Here are some of their stories...



Latest Cases - Why Public Science Matters

Entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers and people from all walks of life understand the important contribution that science for the public good makes to our society.

Here, some of them make the case for public science...