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Campaign to raise research awareness Property Sheet
Students are being encouraged to get creative and share their experiences with research at their universities, an issue which has become a national concern in the face of federal spending cuts to scientific research. “We Teach Ontario” is a contest targeted at students launched by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, which represents faculty at all of Ontario’s universities. Students are being asked to submit videos about how combined research and teaching has inspired them. 
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Federal attack on science reveals totalitarian streak Property Sheet
Last week, CBC’s Fifth Estate presented an excellent summary of the Harper government’s approach toward basic research in Canada. “Silence of the Labs” (viewable at cbc.ca) enumerates the many ways Ottawa is conducting a war of attrition on science. 
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Conservatives’ Road to a Balanced Budget Takes Too Many Wrong Turns, Says PIPSC Property Sheet
"With this Budget, the interests of Canadians have been sacrificed in favour of electoral considerations and an irrational obsession with balanced budgets. It keeps Canada on the wrong course and puts Canadians' health, environment and economic prosperity at risk. It is simply not possible for the government to 'put its fiscal house in order' when the foundations - the programs and services that Canadians depend on - are crumbling," says Debi Daviau, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), Canada's largest union of public service professionals. 
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Refugee health debate turns nasty, political Property Sheet
A war of words between government officials and critics of their decision to cut health-care funding for certain refugees and asylum claimants is turning nasty and political. Late last week, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander's chief of staff tweeted that a pair of vocal physicians and spokesmen for Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care had connections to the NDP and Liberal Party respectively.  
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Federal government cutting $3 billion from rail safety, health and environmental science: union Property Sheet
The federal government will cut $2.6 billion in spending and nearly 5,000 jobs from its science-focused departments between 2013 and 2016, says a report released Thursday by a union representing government scientists and professionals. The report, which includes survey data showing a majority of scientists believe their departments are weakening efforts to protect Canadians and the environment, highlights the departure of key experts who did research on rail safety and public health, as well as the recent review of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. 
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La voie de l’équilibre budgétaire des conservateurs prend toutes sortes de mauvaises directions, selon l’IPFPC (french only) Property Sheet
« Avec ce budget, les intérêts des Canadiens ont été sacrifiés pour des considérations électorales et une obsession irrationnelle de budgets équilibrés. » C'est un budget qui garde le Canada sur la mauvaise voie et qui compromet la santé, l'environnement et la prospérité des Canadiens. Il n'est tout simplement pas possible que le gouvernement « mette de l'ordre dans les finances » de sa maison lorsque les fondations, c'est-à-dire les programmes et les services dont dépendent les Canadiens, s'effritent. » déclare Debi Daviau, présidente et administratrice en chef de l'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada (IPFPC), le plus grand syndicat de professionnels de la fonction publique au Canada. 
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Éditorial Le Droit – Sonner l’alarme (Sounding the Alarm) (french only) Property Sheet
En mars 2013, l'ingénieur fédéral Jean-Pierre Gagnon, un des milliers de fonctionnaires touchés par les coupes de l'année précédente du gouvernement Harper, a quitté son emploi. Selon l'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada (IPFPC), M. Gagnon était l'un des principaux experts nord-américains en transport ferroviaire de matières dangereuses, tout particulièrement soucieux de la sécurité des wagons citernes DOT-111. C'était quelques mois avant la tragédie de Lac-Mégantic... 
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Library cuts in more than a dozen government departments trigger fears of lost knowledge Property Sheet
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; Natural Resources Canada; Parks Canada; the Public Service Commission; Public Works and Government Services Canada; and Transport Canada had plans to shut down or consolidate libraries in 2012, while Environment Canada; Health Canada; the Transportation Safety Board; and the Canadian Transportation Agency made similar decisions more recently. 
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Federal science hobbled by cuts and policies poll says Property Sheet
The government's cuts to federal science budgets and its changes to policy are damaging scientists' ability to serve and protect the public, according to a new survey. The survey was commissioned by the union representing federal scientists. As well, the Conservative government's shift in federal science priorities under Prime Minister Stephen Harper toward supporting industry is out of step with the public's view that health, safety and the protection of the environment should be the government's top science priorities, says the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. (PIPSC) 
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Most government scientists worried about budget cuts, survey finds Property Sheet
Half of federal government scientists who responded to a recent poll believe the Conservatives’ cuts to science budgets have already damaged their ability to serve the public. The vast majority — 91 per cent — of respondents believe upcoming cuts will erode that ability further. In particular, scientists working at Environment Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Natural Resources Canada, and in Agriculture were among the most likely to report that cuts to their departments had a detrimental effect on their ability to serve the public. Environmental research and regulation is the area scientists were most likely to be concerned about. 
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Health Canada library changes leave scientists scrambling Property Sheet
Health Canada scientists are so concerned about losing access to their research library that they're finding workarounds, with one squirrelling away journals and books in his basement for colleagues to consult, says a report obtained by CBC News.The draft report from a consultant hired by the department warned it not to close its library, but the report was rejected as flawed and the advice went unheeded. 
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Funding technical talent and a ‘how-to’ economy Property Sheet
This week’s federal budget demonstrates that the government realizes Canada’s innovation challenge is a “people” as well as an “ideas” challenge. Currently, economic growth is being held back by two related conditions – lagging productivity and high rates of youth unemployment (as well as underemployment) at a time when employers are have trouble finding people who possess the right critical and technical skills. In an economy with a growing demand for innovation talent in all sectors, we need to train people to know not just the “why” of knowledge, but the “how-to” of technical talent. 
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Health Minister doesn’t want any new health dollars in budget Property Sheet
Health Minister Rona Ambrose said Thursday she doesn't want any new money for health care in the upcoming federal budget. She said provinces should be satisfied with the roughly $33 billion the federal government already provides in annual health transfer payments. "There is enough money in the system," she said. 
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Cutting health care for refugee claimants expensive in long-run, Ont. Health Minister says Property Sheet
A federal government decision to cut health care coverage for some refugee claimants is actually more expensive in the long-run than simply paying for their benefits upfront, Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews is warning in the latest salvo in the back-and-forth turf battle between the province and Ottawa. 
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Closing of government libraries might have violated the law, Elizabeth May says Property Sheet
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says the Conservative government may have violated two laws as it consolidated and closed research libraries in at least three federal departments – in some cases discarding material that was deemed to be surplus or allowing anyone who saw value in it to take it home. 
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Busted : Ten Myths about the Canada Post Property Sheet
2013 Canada Post's management announced, without warning either the public or the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, that home delivery for five million Canadians would be cut, there would be at least 8,000 layoffs, and letter costs would increase from 63 cents to a dollar. As many have pointed out, Canada Post's reasons for worse service at a higher cost are bogus, based around half-truths and flat out fabrications. 
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CFAV Quest, navy’s only research vessel, docked indefinitely  Property Sheet
The future of the Royal Canadian Navy’s only research vessel could be in jeopardy. The 76-metre-long CFAV Quest and its 55-member crew have been involved in defence and ground-breaking oceanographic research throughout the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic. However, cuts in recent years have been placing an increasing financial burden on the navy, leading to the cancellation of CFAV Quest’s research mission. 
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Appel à la prudence de l’OCDE - L’assainissement des finances doit se poursuivre, mais pas au prix d’une crise sociale (French only) Property Sheet
Les gouvernements doivent prendre garde, dans leurs efforts d’assainissement des finances, de ne pas aggraver les problèmes d’inégalité et de fracture sociale qui se sont accélérés avec la Grande Récession, prévient l’OCDE. La plupart des indicateurs de qualité de vie sont toujours en berne dans les pays développés, notamment en matière de revenu des ménages, d’emploi des jeunes, de partage de la richesse, de dépenses en éducation, et même en matière de taux de fécondité. 
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Main estimates : Statistics Canada reviewing how it gathers data Property Sheet
The federal statistics agency will undertake a comprehensive review of how it collects key data about the Canadian population. The review is outlined in the main estimates tabled in Parliament Thursday, where Statistics Canada announced it was cutting its expected spending by more than $21 million — a five per cent cut from the estimates it tabled last year. In all, Statistics Canada expects to spend almost $380 million over the next 12 months. The estimates last year were for spending of more than $400 million. 
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Tories’ election budget fails to hide cuts to research, innovation Property Sheet
Budget 2014 represents a subtle shift in the federal government’s strategy for the research and innovation file. With the next election on the near horizon, the Conservatives are now trying to hide their shortsighted cuts with lavish promises of billions in investments delayed over the next decade. Most of these commitments are slotted to be spent on a future government’s dime, with funds promised that won’t start to flow until after 2015. The Conservatives are playing politics with research funding and have tabled nothing more than a “positioning budget” for the next election. 
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