About Us

This site is sponsored by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.

PUBLICSCIENCE.ca opens up the world of science for the public good.

PUBLICSCIENCE.ca advocates for support for the science that touches the daily lives of Canadians in so many important ways.

More than 23,000 scientists, researchers and regulators work in government departments, agencies and laboratories.

They inspect and approve the food we eat, the toys and products we use and the vaccines and medications we depend on.

These scientists also issue the weather forecasts and storm warnings our communities depend on, ensure the safety of different modes of transportation and respond to critical emergencies that threaten lives and the environment.

Their research contributes to solutions to global problems such as climate change, pandemics, sustainable development and feeding a hungry planet.

Public scientists and researchers use their skills and expertise to benefit all Canadians. Their job is to work in the public interest as independent experts protecting the health and welfare of Canadians and their communities.

We welcome questions, comments and suggestions at science@pipsc.ca.

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