Dr. Thomas McElroy, Senior Research Scientist, Environment Canada


Tom McElroy is very active in Canada and internationally on issues related to ozone. He is a co-inventor of the Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer in use in 41 countries world-wide and is the designer of the 'double Brewer', the most accurate ozone measuring instrument in the Global Ozone Observing System.

McElroy designed the Sun-Photometer flown on the Space Shuttle Challenger with Astronaut Marc Garneau in 1984 and the SunPhotoSpectrometer flown on the Shuttle with Steve MacLean in 1992.

He is a co-inventor of the UV Index in use internationally to tell the public about the hazards of ultraviolet radiation exposure. McElroy made NO2 measurements from the prototype Concorde #002 in 1973, well before the aircraft was certified, in support of the Climatic Impact Assessment Program.


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