Un-Muzzled: What government scientists have to say about cuts to science, organizational restructuring, and communication policies

Over the past few years, government science has seen massive budget cuts, thousands of layoffs, organizational restructuring and the implementation of restrictive communication policies that have muzzled scientists and prevented the public from understanding the full extent of these sweeping changes. In June 2013, Environics Research conducted a survey of federal scientists to better understand how these changes have impacted public science capacity as well as public health, safety and the environment. The results of this survey are published in two reports: The Big Chill: Silencing Public Interest Science, and Vanishing Science: The Disappearance of Public Interest Science.

The following is a representative selection from over 1,000 comments anonymously posted by federal government scientists as part of the survey. Except where indicated to protect the identity of respondents or to clarify the occasional remark, all statements are unedited.

 Publish Date: 06-MAY-2014 10:34 AM