Listen! “Je vote pour la science” : Voices Defending Science

Listen! “Je vote pour la science” : Voices Defending Science

Cuts to science, vanishing environmental programs, and library closures: all expressed as “the war on science”. When we are talking about what’s happening in Ottawa, is it exaggerated?

Not for Canadian journalist Chris Turner, author the book “The War on Science,” which has recently been translated into French (Science en coupe!) and was the centre of an event in Montreal last month. Nor do the two guests on this week’s show, biologist Yves Prairie, representing Evidence for Democracy, and organizer of protests against the cuts, and Michael de Souza, who covered the environment for many years with Postmedia news – and whose position was abolished in February.

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Je vote pour la science is aired every Monday at 1 :30pm on six radio stations in the region Radio Ville-Marie. It is hosted by Isabelle Burgun et Pascal Lapointe. You can also listen to the show on Tuesdays at 11am on Radio Centre-Ville (102,3 FM Montréal) and find it on iTunes.

 Publish Date: 05-MAY-2014 08:53 AM