Call for Feedback: CFIA’s Integrated Agency Inspection Model

Call for Feedback: CFIA’s Integrated Agency Inspection Model

The CFIA’s is currently revising its “Improved Food Inspection Model” (iFIM) and creating a new “Integrated Agency Inspection Model” (iAIM).

The improved food inspection model (June 2013) provided the foundation for the incorporation and integration of the animal and plant commodity inspection programs. The improved food inspection model has now been revised to create a Draft integrated Agency Inspection Model.

Four key areas have been adjusted:

  • The glossary of terms has been revised to improve understanding of the terminology used in the model.
  • Permissions, formerly called Licensing, has been modified to provide for permission without a preventive control plan. This was done in recognition of the need for regulatory oversight of one time/low frequency importers or exporters with respect to animal and plant health requirements. The preventive control plan section and annex have had the animal and plant commodity aspects integrated.
  • CFIA oversight has been broadened to encompass animal and plant commodities.
  • Regulatory response, formerly called Compliance and Enforcement, has been re-organized to better articulate CFIA actions. The first is that initiated by lack of compliance on the part of regulated parties. The second is that initiated by events that are the responsibility of the Agency to control, such as pest and disease incursions and contaminant events.

The CFIA is encouraging stakeholders to provide comments and suggestions on the draft Integrated Agency Inspection Model by July 1, 2014.

The CFIA has recommended that comments consider:

  • the benefits of a common inspection approach,
  • any gaps that may not have been addressed,
  • challenges that may exist in implementing this model,
  • what the Agency can do to mitigate these challenges, and
  • what you could do to mitigate these challenges.

For more information or to submit comments, visit the following link on the CFIA website.

 Publish Date: 21-MAY-2014 10:56 AM