Scientists Rally in Support of Federal Research

Scientists Rally in Support of Federal Research

On the morning of October 22, researchers and science staff from Natural Resources Canada, Agriculture & Agri-food Canada and the Department of National Defence demonstrated in Québec city at the entrance of Université Laval in support of research in the federal government. The event was organized by members of the Research Group of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), who were joined by PSAC members.

The rally was in opposition to funding cuts that have hindered their work, as well as to political interference and the muzzling of federal scientists.

A PIPSC member and rally organizer, Jean Bérubé, stated “We have no more documentation, no more librarians. And it takes a long time for documents to be made public. Communications with the media is also tightly controlled by the government.”

Another PIPSC member, Yvon Brodeur, adds that “as many as 25% of our researchers are being told by the Employer to change their research mandates or reports to satisfy the Conservative government. This is unacceptable. They are muzzling us...We’re talking about top people, PhD’s, and we are crippling them. Our researchers were often asked to give presentations abroad, and the government has locked them in hoping they would never ever come out.”

Watch the national coverage on the Radio-Canada RDI Network.

 Publish Date: 27-NOV-2014 11:16 AM