We Can Make Canada Better Together

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Food safety, climate science, tax fairness. Can you imagine a Canada that no longer cares for these things?

Neither can we. Which is why recent changes to government policies and programs should worry all Canadians.

We’re the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada – the largest union of scientists and other professionals in the country. It’s our members’ job to ensure that the scientific and professional information, advice and service Canadians receive meets the highest possible standards. We take an oath to ensure it.

Better Together

But recent Conservative government changes to policies and programs are threatening our ability to continue to provide these services.

Help us change the government's mind.

Together we can make a difference. Please join us by taking part in one or all of the following online actions.

Canada can do better. We can do better together.

Stop the Cuts!

Whether it’s ensuring a safe food supply, environmental protection, or catching offshore tax cheats, cutbacks hurt everyone, not just those hired to serve Canada and Canadians. Balanced budgets don’t have to come at the expense of good government. Send the Prime Minister and your MP an email demanding that the Conservative government stop the cuts to vital public programs and services.


Let the Science Speak!

With an overwhelming majority of federal scientists saying that they do not feel free to speak to the media about their work, the Harper government can no longer credibly claim that it does not “muzzle” scientists. Help federal scientists be heard. Send a copy of the following letter to the ministers of federal science-based departments and agencies, urging them to “Let the science speak!”


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