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2015 Evaluation Report by the President to Institute Members

As I write this, the longest federal election campaign in over a century is still underway and the outcome is far from certain. What does seem certain, however, is that approximately two-thirds of Canadians want change, and the 55,000 members of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) are solidly among them. For the first time in our history, the Institute has played a key role in effecting this change through our political engagement and activism.

It is a dramatic and fitting way to end an incredibly important year for PIPSC and its members. I want to reiterate what a privilege it has been for me to serve as your President this past year. I am confident that we have continued to make real progress toward our objective of providing the very best representation and service to you, our members.

Our leadership team has worked hard together to develop a strategic focus for all of our activities, which has anchored our decisions on the allocation of resources and served to ensure our effectiveness.

This has been particularly important for collective bargaining, and allowed us to enter one of the most difficult rounds of federal public service negotiations in our history with an unprecedented level of coordination and planning, both internally among our own groups and with all the other federal Bargaining Agents.

At the same time we have put new communications tools and an aggressive media strategy to good use to allow us to reach out to more members and more of our fellow Canadians than ever before. In one evening alone, I was able to engage as many as 10,000 members in a series of Telephone Town Halls. A number of high-profile front-page reports in national newspapers and radio outlets, landed our message in the homes of many more Canadians. More and more, media is turning to PIPSC as a rational and credible source on Public Service issues, and more and more, our message is being heard!

Of course, we have continued to provide top-quality support to our members, whether they are engaged in the WFA process or dealing with a wide range of individual grievances. Our legal and research expertise has also been put to good use in support of a number of our key policy issues, including sick leave and pensions.

This year a renewed emphasis on research-based advocacy was established as a clear strategic priority for the Institute and while we continued to build on our excellent work in defense of public science, we have also moved forward with important initiatives on other key files, including outsourcing and tax fairness. These three issues are at the heart of our focus on defending our members’ ability to perform their professional duties on behalf of all Canadians.

Perhaps above all else this past year has been marked by collective bargaining and the run-up to the critically important federal election that will soon come to a close. One year ago, our Board of Directors and our Annual General Meeting made a historic commitment to ensuring that PIPSC’s voice was heard in this campaign. Together, we determined that the stakes were far too high for us not to go public with our assessment of the record of the current government and our arguments for change.

I am proud to say that through internal training, organizing in the workplace, strong media relations, and communications that have ranged from radio ads to billboards to lawn signs, we have made the voice of professional public service employees heard loud and clear. We have put forward specific policy changes that would restore the federal public service to a state where it can truly serve Canadians and their aspirations.

Over the next 10 days we will continue our advocacy in order to ensure that after October 19th, all Canadians get a government that is committed to a federal public service we can all be proud of.

I can assure you that on October 20th, your Professional Institute will be ready to take on our next task – working together to restore the balance that has been so terribly out of whack in this country when it comes to our public services and our members’ ability to contribute to these critical public services.

And we will mobilize, engage and advocate to achieve these objectives on every front, from the workplace to the bargaining table, and from the halls of Parliament to traditional and social media.

It has been my honour to serve you as President of the Professional Institute and I look forward to presenting our plans for another challenging year at our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Debi Daviau

Please note that I will be providing some additional detail as an appendix to this report in the coming weeks, once we get through the Federal Election. Our participation in this election is urgent and critical to secure the future of the Public Service for our members, and all Canadians.

Publish Date: 09-OCT-2015 03:50 PM