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Our Purpose, Mandate, Values and Strategy

Our Purpose

Building community to act collectively to improve our members’ lives.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to provide the highest quality representation to members collectively and individually

  • by providing effective bargaining, labour relations and other member services,
  • by actively promoting and defending the rights and interests of members,
  • by vigorously safeguarding and promoting professional standards.

Our Values

Our enduring values are:

  • Respect as the basis for our dealings with members, employees, colleagues, and employers. It means being sensitive and responsive to the rights of individuals.
  • Integrity as a cornerstone of our organization. It means that the Institute and its members act with honesty and fairness based on sound moral and ethical principles.
  • Co-operation as the foundation for meeting the challenges of the future. It means building partnerships and working together toward common goals.
  • Accountability as our commitment to ensure all of our values are respected. It means informing our members of our actions and being answerable to them for those actions.

Our Strategy

The three broad 2014 Strategic Objectives, set by the Board of Directors, are as follows:

1. Active Engagement

Building on the Better Together Initiative that emerged from the Strategic Objectives set in 2013 and the onset of a challenging new round of collective bargaining, the Professional Institute will pursue a broad strategy of “active engagement” of its membership.

Specifically, the Institute will:

  • Create a culture of mobilization by merging Better Together and bargaining mobilization into an integrated engagement initiative crossing Group and Regional activities in 2014 and beyond
  • Ensure that training and coordination of stewards and other mobilizers includes key messages related to the importance of cross-organizational solidarity
  • Continue to support close collaboration with other bargaining agents on key issues of common interest
  • Ensure that stewards and other mobilizers communicate key bargaining messages as well as key messages related to the value and relevance of the Institute to members in their working lives
  • Define a clear role for senior Institute leaders and facilitate links between members of the Board of Directors and Branch Presidents, Group Presidents, Consultation Team Presidents and Regional Mobilization Coordinators
  • Ensure the theme of active engagement is part of the agenda of all Institute events
  • Continue to develop and provide tools, techniques and support to Institute leaders engaged in creating a culture of continuous mobilization.

2. Knowledge-driven advocacy

As the window to achieve results for members at the bargaining table shrinks the Professional Institute must ensure that it is maximizing the benefit and the impact it can achieve through all its activities. We must be prepared to “bargain beyond the table” by engaging in effective public advocacy. To meet this objective we will:

  • Refocus the Institute’s research agenda to prioritize:
    • “Business Intelligence” on occupations, policies, trends which will be of particular relevance to our members and will support our strategies and tactics that aim to achieve results for them;
    • Gathering knowledge on key issues and exploring these issues from a public interest perspective (e.g. outsourcing, tax policy, science policy, whistleblower protection;
  • Harness our policy and communications capacity to ensure a stronger credible public voice for the Professional Institute through:
    • Regular, timely and high quality advocacy on key issues where our members’ interests clearly intersect with the broader public interest;
    • Working with partners and allies who can support our initiatives through independent research and/or communicate their own valuable perspective on issue of importance to our members.

3. Broadening Our Horizon

As we continue to prepare the Professional Institute to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment, the Institute will actively explore new models of representation designed to expand our member base and service offering, and begin a pilot program to offer professional development and career advancement opportunities to stewards, members and other public service professionals.

Relative to this objective, in 2014 the Institute will:

  • Engage potential stakeholders to gain insight into optimal business models for meeting the needs and aspirations of stakeholder groups
  • Develop business model prototypes for discussion with the Board of Directors
  • Develop specific recommendations on business model innovation for review by the Board of Directors
  • Present a comprehensive business model proposal including revenue and investment projections for decision by the Board of Directors.