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Office of the President

Debi Daviau, President

As we head into 2017, PIPSC members have a lot to be proud of – and to look forward to. Thanks to the dedication, skill and perseverance of members like you and your bargaining teams, we’ve secured some impressive – even historic – wins at the federal bargaining table in the past year. The recently announced tentative agreements for the 18,000 members of the AV, RE, SH and SP groups mark a major advance over where we began, more than two years ago, under the Harper government. Nowhere is this more evident than in our historic agreement to recognize the right of federal scientists to speak freely about science and their research and to co-develop with federal departments scientific integrity policies. As the Toronto Star recently commented, this is a significant victory not only for our members but, yes, for democracy too. What’s more, we have secured a minimum 5% general salary increase for members and set forth generous minimum provisions that any future wellness plan must include before we even consider agreeing to replace our existing sick leave plan. These are no small accomplishments, and we look forward to achieving similar successes in ongoing negotiations on behalf of the 32,000 members from our other groups currently at the table.

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