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A message from Debi Daviau about outsourcing at Shared Services Canada

Fellow Members,

The news today that the federal government may implement recommendations by outside consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers to – surprise – outsource potentially thousands of professional jobs at Shared Services Canada (SSC) is disappointing to say the least and, frankly, deeply worrying to our members. While the Minister responsible for SSC declared reassuringly in the House this morning, “We have no intention on following through on that strategy,” it is vital that we seek clarification on the government’s actual plans for Shared Services. After the recent revelation by Auditor General Michael Ferguson that SSC does not adequately measure, track or report on the costs, progress or savings related to its consolidation of government email (a project outsourced to tech giants Bell and CGI), as well as the recent findings of internal audits that revealed outside consultants routinely overbill the government by millions of dollars, we would have thought the new government had seen enough of the failed experiments of the Harper government’s outsourcing projects and the phoney savings they are alleged to incur. A hint that the new government is alert to this truth appeared in Tuesday’s federal budget, where the government announced expected savings of up to $221 million by ending some outsourced professional services.

I have asked for a meeting with Minister of Public Services and Procurement Judy Foote to convey and explain our concerns more directly. Rest assured that we will use every measure available to us before the planned transition in the fall to stop these recommendations from being implemented.

Debi Daviau

Publish Date: 24-MAR-2016 02:28 PM

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