Better Together!

When public service professionals work together we accomplish great things for Canadians. Never has that mattered more than today, when governments, budget cuts and politics threaten vital public services, professionals, and even their unions. Together we can act for better public services, more professionalism, a stronger union, and a better Canada.

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Better Together

Fun Facts

Did you know there are over 876,000 union members under the age of 30 in Canada?

Fun Facts

Better Together Mobilization Events Guide

Speaking Out

A Better Together event is a PIPSC sanctioned activity to increase active engagement of members, in support of creating a culture of mobilization and cross-organizational solidarity.

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Keep These Points in Mind When Speaking Out

Speaking Out

Whether it’s in your workplace or in your community, as an active PIPSC member you will often be involved in publicly discussing important union issues that affect not only your colleagues, but all Canadians. That’s a great responsibility, and sometimes it’s easy to cross the fine line that divides your professional and personal lives. So we’ve prepared some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help protect your rights as a public service employee, and as a Canadian citizen.

Changing the Conversation: A Guide for Public Service Professionals

Changing the Conversation!

Getting out the message about the damage done to both the public and public employees by the Harper government’s cuts to federal jobs, programs and services, as well as its assaults on federal unions and collective bargaining, has never mattered more.

But getting out the message means learning how to listen to – and change – the conversation.

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Tell Us About Yourself

Your Stories

You work behind the scenes day in, day out to protect the health and security of all Canadians – but the government chooses to depict public service employees as liabilities, not assets. It’s time to change that image and to let our fellow citizens know the truth about your work. Tell us your workplace stories – good or bad – and together we’ll raise awareness of what you do for them, and the conditions you do it in.

Your Stories


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