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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report from November 6, 2010 AC meeting


This was the fourth and last meeting of the Advisory Council (AC) for 2010.


The meeting agenda included a full range of topics of interest to members: Bargaining; Professional networking; AGM Resolutions; Contracting Out; Engineering Working Group; etc.

New Business

1. President Corbett presented a report on recent Institute activities and answered questions from AC members. He discussed the expedited bargaining process, the public science campaign, and the pension court case. Atlantic Regional Director, Marilyn Best, attended the AC meeting as an observer.

2. Walter Belyea (Chief Negotiations Officer) discussed recent emerging threats to Public Service benefits. Benefits are discussed at the National Joint Council but the bargaining agents have very little control and there is no plan document.

3. Pursuant to AC By-Law 10.4.4, elections to the AC Steering Committee were held for three positions: AC Director, Vice-Chair and Separate Employers Representative. Kofi Crentsil (AC Director) and Sandra Dahl (Vice Chair) were acclaimed. John Arthur (President of MAGE Group) replaces Randall Ridgway as Separate Employers’ Representative.

4. In the absence of CFO Denis Bourguignon, Al Ravjiani, Chair of the Finance Committee, gave an update on the financial situation of the Institute. He answered questions from AC members and encouraged them to use the Finance Portal to examine documents and to seek clarification ahead of the Annual General Meeting.

5. Nita Saville, assisted by members of the Professional Recognition & Qualifications Committee, presented a discussion paper on “Strengthening PIPSC linkages with Professional Association”. Professional linkages are one of the strategic objectives of the Institute for 2010.

6. Mark Kohli presented the Resolutions to be debated at the 91st PIPSC Annual General Meeting (AGM).

7. CS Group President, Luc Carrière, highlighted the findings of the recent Public Service Commission Report on the Use of Temporary Help Services in Public Service Organizations. He also mentioned a recent draft Institute report on contracting out. He observed that the Institute Task Force on Contracting out (TFOC) was inactive in the face this mounting problem. He advised Consultation Teams Presidents to have “contracting out” as a standing item on their meeting agendas. He also mentioned that PIPSC staff had given a presentation on the subject at the previous day’s meeting of the Working Group on Consultation. He will be discussing a way forward with Debi Daviau, who has the outsourcing portfolio at the Institute.

Action (Kofi Crentsil and Luc Carrière): To recommend to the Board of Directors that the TFOC be reactivated.

Action (Walter Belyea): To request PIPSC staff to make a presentation on “contracting out” to the Advisory Council.

8. Randall Ridgway reported on the last meeting of the separate employers groups. He emphasized the necessity of providing a forum for these groups during or before the AC meeting.

Action (Randall Ridgway): To prepare a briefing note/business case on the need of a separate employers’ group forum.

Action (Walter Belyea): To organize a presentation on the wage restraint challenges faced by PIPSC members who are provincial employees.

9. Kofi Crentsil and John Arthur, the new Chair of the Engineering Working Group (EngWG), reported on the recent EngWG meeting. The EngWG, recently reactivated with the help of Engineering Champion, Don Burns, has a year left in its mandate.

10. In his director’s report, Kofi Crentsil, mentioned that the Board had referred a motion to the AC on including more groups in the crafting of PIPSC bargaining strategy. One option is to revive the Working Group on Collective Bargaining. The AC Steering Committee will be examining the issue in order to facilitate future discussions at the AGM.

He also informed AC members that the Board approved the AC motion to create an Information Technology/Management Users’ Group. The AC will prepare and submit draft Terms of Reference to the Board in anticipation of the imminent hiring of a Chief Information Officer (CIO).

11. Dates of next meetings:

a. AC Steering Committee – January 8, 2011.
b. AC meeting – February 5, 2011.

Reported by Kofi Crentsil
AC Director

Publish Date: 19-JAN-2011 03:40 PM
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