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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report from the June 20-21 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

1) The main issues discussed at the June Board meeting were: 1) Bargaining; 2) Better Together Campaign; 3) Political Action; and; 4) Elections.

2) Debi Daviau, PIPSC President, and Shannon Bittman, Vice-President, provided an update on bargaining. The Strategic Bargaining Team has been meeting regularly to prepare for bargaining.

3) Bob Dewar, an experienced campaign manager and a key mobilization & coordination resource, presented an update on the Better Together campaign. His role will be to assist in ensuring that all campaign efforts are aligned and moving in the same direction.

4) The Board discussed political action strategy for upcoming provincial and federal elections and by-elections. Political action is an essential element of the Better Together Campaign. As per the Policy on Institute Philosophy & Policy position, the Institute is non-partisan. However, the Institute may take action to defeat individual federal, provincial and territorial political candidates that advocate positions deemed detrimental to its members.

5) Debi Daviau, PIPSC President, provided feedback on the Telephone Town Hall on the Value for Money review. Over 600 stewards participated and many contributed questions and comments during the event and many more left voice mail messages and sent emails to . The Board will hold a special meeting in July to examine the recommendations of the Value for Money Review and approve the 2015 PIPSC Budget.

6) The Board received the report of the Election Committee and pursuant to Regulation approved the destruction of the ballots from the 2014 Special Election of a Full-time Vice-President. It also approved the timetable for the 2014 PIPSC National Election for two Vice-Presidents (full-time & part-time), 2 NCR Regional Directors and Regional Directors for the Atlantic, BC/Yukon and Ontario Regions.

7) The Board approved the 2014 work plans of Board standing committees. The Board also appointed John Courtney as Chair of the Executive Compensation Committee. The committee members are Del Dickson & Kofi Crentsil. The Board also approved the recommendations of the Assessment Report on Executive Compensation Committee Governance by the Institute of Governance.

8) The PIPSC website now has a dedicated webpage for information related to the New Brunswick groups subject to the Shared Risk Pension Plan. Steve Hindle is the point of contact for the NB Groups.

9) Isabelle Roy, PIPSC General Counsel, presented a legal update

10) I presented a “Science at PIPSC 2014” Progress Report to the Board.

11) Robert Bowie-Reed, Chair of the Working Group on Consultation provided an update on the Consultation Symposium.

12) The 2014 portfolios of Board members have been posted on the website. 

13) Meetings Dates:
a) Next Board meeting – August 15-16, 2014.
b) Next AC meeting – August 23, 2014.

Respectfully submitted
Kofi Crentsil, AC Director


  1. AC webpage
  2. Board webpage

Publish Date: 10-JUL-2014 03:04 PM
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