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Advisory Council (AC)

Advisory Council Director’s Report On the Board of Directors Meeting of June 19-20 2015

Better Together

The Board of Directors has continued implementation on the agreed upon Institute Strategic Directions. The Institute has combined the efforts of Collective Bargaining and the Federal Election by placing Public Interest Issues first on the Bargaining Table and in the public eye. In general the Institute and its members have been positioned as defenders of the integrity of the public service and the services delivered to Canadians.

Federal Election Tool Kit 2015

The August 22 Advisory Council will be discussing the Campaign Plan and identifying Priorities related to the Campaign Plan. Over the next 6-8 weeks the Institute will be providing an Election 2015 Toolkit to the membership encouraging them to vote and get involved in this election. The Institute has created a webpage on our website to explain how to get involved, questions to ask Members of Parliament and tips on writing letters to the editor, using Social Media and other online comment sections of National online media.

You can find the webpage by clicking the underlined text below if you are reading this online or at the below website address: Election 2015 Toolkit

Fair Vote Canada

The Board of Directors approved a motion to endorse the efforts of Fair Vote Canada (FVC) to make the 2015 Election the last unfair federal election.

Agreeing to the above motion would allow the Institute to publicly support FVC’s efforts by having the Institute’s logo added to their Web page as a supporter. It would also encourage public discussion of the issue at Institute events.

You can find the FVC webpage by clicking the underlined text below if you are reading this online or at the below website address: Fair Vote Canada

Women’s Committee Meeting

Vice-President Shirley Friesen will be holding a meeting to develop a mandate, a work plan and deliverables. The meeting is scheduled for the day after the August Advisory Council to reduce costs of attendees. Please contact Vice-President Shirley Friesen for more information.

National Public Service Week

National Public Service Week activities were organized and supported the “integrity” campaign. Members attending departmental events were asked to wear “integrity stickers” and organize their own events to celebrate Public Service Week where possible.

It was noted that in future, Board meetings and other major Institute events should not be planned during National Public Service Week as the focus should be for and with the members. It was further noted that material would need to be sent out to the regions earlier and that key messages be better communicated to the Directors.

Update on Government Relations

Leaders of the NDP and Liberals are supportive of PIPSC issues and the President is pursuing commitments from these leaders. Various meetings have been and will continue to be held with key individuals. Regional Directors are encouraged to meet with MPs in their Regions to engage in discussions and seek their stance and commitment on issues of importance to the Institute and its members.

Fredericton Office

As discussed by the EC/MC, next steps will be to conduct more investigation on the potential for mobilizing within the provincial public service in New Brunswick, i.e., of the 6,000+ people that are not unionized, how many could become bargaining units. The idea would be to identify the bargaining units and start identifying people to try and recruit, to justify whether or not there should be an office in NB. Appropriate steps needs to be taken based on evidence. This issue will be further researched and reported on.

2015 National Elections Timetable

This matter was discussed at the May Advisory Council meeting and there were no objections raised.

Moved and seconded that the Board of Directors accepts the Elections Committee recommendation and hereby sets the elections date for November 6th, 2015. Further, that the Board of Directors approves the timetable for the 2015 elections, recommended by the Elections Committee. Carried

The Institute website has a more information on this issue.

You can find the webpage by clicking the underlined text below if you are reading this online or at the below website address: Time Table for National PIPSC Elections 2015

Enjoy the remainder of the Summer Holiday season.

Report respectfully submitted by:

Glenn Maxwell
Advisory Council Director

Publish Date: 26-AUG-2015 01:27 PM
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