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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report from the 12th of January 2008 Board of Directors Meeting

1) Pension Litigation – The Institute is currently considering various options and will provide an update in early 2008 on the way ahead.

2) Sale of 53 Auriga – the former PIPSC building was recently sold and a profit of $507k was realized.

3) Group Allocations – these will be made deposited early in 2008 (March) directly to established BMO accounts based on a response to a forthcoming call letter and compliance to normal requirements.

4) Steward Renewal Process – documentation will be amended to delete reference to ‘Work Place Contact’ as per 2007 PIPSC AGM decision and a new process of ‘certifying’ a steward based on completion of the new curriculum and experience.

5) Year Cap on Leave without Pay – LWOP taken for union business does not affect pension unless more than five (5) years is taken during an individuals career. This has significant impact on more active (such as part-time VPs) members. PIPSC will be entering discussions with the NJC on this issue to get an agreement to say that LWOP for union purposes is exempt.

6) Engineering Sector Council – The AC approved motions (Sep 07); 1) for an Engineering Advisor to the President; 2) a permanent Engineering Committee of the Board be created were presented. The Board agreed with 1) but requested a ‘mandate’ document for a possible Working Group under the AC. It was also reported that in December 2007, three members of the NR Groups met with the CEO of the Professional Engineers of Ontario to discuss mutual needs and cooperative work that could be undertaken. Furthermore, the PEO reviewed a position paper produced at DND regarding Professional Dues (an NR bargaining item) and provided clarification and recommendations. This collaborative work demonstrates the effectiveness of the Sector Council concept.

7) Parking at the Institute – In response to parking problems encountered at 250 Tremblay Road, the Building Trust will be purchasing addition land for 48 spots to be dedicated for daily paid parking. For PIPSC members, this will be reimbursable. This project is slated for completion in late 2008.

8) Elections At the Institute – The initiative of the AC to examine this issue was briefed to the Board of Directors. The Board is considering a Working Group to study the AC results and bring a report to the 2008 PIPSC AGM.

Reported by:
Joe Podrebarac
22 January 2008

Publish Date: 26-MAR-2008 10:17 AM
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