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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report from the 19th and 20th of September 2007 Board of Directors Meeting

  1. Institute EAP Policy – The Board of Directors will refer it’s EAP policy package to the AC for review and comment once the BLPC has completed its work – the AC will be advised of a date.
  2. 2005 UCS Survey of Food and Drug Administration Scientists in the USA – 2006 AGM Resolution P-6 – The Board of Directors intend to conduct a similar survey to see how our scientists feel in the same fields of work at Health Canada and then later to expand the survey to cover other scientists.
  3. Note: UCS = Union of Concerned Scientists

  4. Elections At the Institute – The Board of Directors has a desire to review the subject of Elections – which the Institute seems to be in perpetual election mode. An idea put out was to have an ‘election free’ year. The Board has referred this topic to the AC for study, review and requests recommendations in the areas of;
    1. how elections function;
    2. length of mandate; and,
    3. election process.

    The timelines for this work are;

    • selection of AC committee members (target 7) on the 29th of Sep 07 AC meeting;
    • interim report due to the AC SC on the 8th of Dec 07;
    • presentation of revised interim report to the Board on the 12th of Jan 08; and,
    • Final Report presented at the AC meeting on the 26th of Jan 07 for discussion and presentation to the next following Board meeting.
  5. PIPSC Scholarship Program – A study is underway to change the Scholarship Program. Eddie Gillis will provide a synopsis of the proposal for AC review.

Reported by:
Joe Podrebarac
20 September 2007

Publish Date: 11-OCT-2007 09:32 AM
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