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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report Items from the Board of Directors (BoD) 10th and 11th of August 2009

1) Board Meeting – General – Board meetings are open to PIPSC members to attend as observers to see the workings of this body and be informed of the discussions and decisions. At this meeting there were six (6) observers, namely Tellier (CS), Spruin (NR), Krentsil (NUREG), Buday (CS), Young (NR), and Kirkby (NR).

2) New Board Appointee – with the appointment of Al Ravjiani as acting Full-Time VP, his position as the Ontario Regional Director is now occupied by Pascal Joseph until the 31st of December 2009.

3) Task Force Institute Processes & Structures – from the April Board meeting, a committee was set up to;

a. identify the problems raised by a number of members, stewards and elected officials;

b. identify possible solutions to the resolution of such problems;

c. evaluate the impact of the different changes required, further to the natural evolution of the Institute;

d. determine costs associated with the various proposed changes;

e. confirm essential changes.

Moved and seconded that a committee be struck to review Institute processes and structures for providing service to members and report findings no later than the December meeting.

The first meeting of the Task Force was held on June 11-12, 2009 where a brainstorming exercise was conducted to identify problem areas with respect to the Institute processes and structures. As a result of this exercise, the topic of stewards was selected as a starting point and was unanimously supported by the members of the Task Force. The Task Force is recommending a more systemic and structured approach for this exercise and more concrete steps to address the issues. It was seen as a good pilot to put in practice the methodology presented. A budget approval of $45K was requested for an additional three meetings for the compilation of the data gathered through various surveys. There was concern that three additional meetings may be a lot to discuss one aspect alone. If all problems identified are addressed, this could result in significant expenses. A report will be provided to the Board in December 2009 on the work done on the topic of stewards including suggested potential solutions. The report will focus on identifying problems and how they could be addressed.

4) IM/IT Sector Council – no update was provided.

5) Michele Demers Conference Centre – the designation has now been applied to the former generic room designation.

6) NR Group Know Your Contract Campaign – The NR Group has been in negotiation since 25 September 2007. In that time, the NR Group Negotiation Team brought forward proposals based on members’ interests and priorities. During the course of the negotiations and at Arbitration (ref B), Treasury Board produced quantitative data from pay records that showed that members are NOT using articles from the contract. Subsequent investigations with members revealed that members a) do not know their contract; b) fail to apply the contract due to management refusal to honour the contract or fear of reprisal; and c) follow ‘unofficial’ procedures to circumvent contract articles. The NR Group Negotiation Team tested member ‘contract knowledge’ in February/March 2009 using a ‘coupon’ ad regarding two paid days for Volunteer and Personal Leave. E-mails from members were split between not knowing these contract articles and thanking the Negotiation Team for the reminder. The second phase of this effort is to review the contract with members via the 15 NR Sub-Groups across the country as members are still engaged, ie. while they are receiving their retro pay and copies of the new contract.

7) Review of Constitutions – the BLPC is undertaking a complete review of Regional Constitutions to ensure consistency.

8) Pensions - recent attacks in the press on defined benefit plans in general and public service plans have occurred and provided misinformation about how the taxpayers are going to pay for PS Pensions. A presentation on this and PIPSC response will be made at future Regional Councils and at the AC.

9) Clarification – there was discussion at the Board regarding meeting-related expenditure, namely if a Group Executive holds meetings within its already approved budget, there is no need to seek approval for changes of venue from, say the NCR, to some other location. The annual budget should say the number of meetings, timing of meetings and location.

Respectively submitted by:

Joe Podrebarac, PEng, PMP

AC Director/ECC Chair/NR Group Treasurer and Bargaining lead/LSTL Branch VP/LSTL NR Sub-Group VP

Dated: 16 Sep 2009

Publish Date: 19-OCT-2009 01:37 PM
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