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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report from August 18, 2012 AC meeting


This was the third meeting of the Advisory Council (AC) in 2012. Many Board members attended the meeting which was held immediately following the August Board meeting. The AC now has a virtual binder to act as a repository for meeting material (agenda, minutes, presentations etc).

New Business

1. Gary Corbett, PIPSC President, presented a report on recent Institute activities (WFA, bargaining, collaboration with other unions, media coverage, mobilization, Public Science campaign etc.) and answered questions from AC members.

2. Jamie Dunn, PIPSC Negotiator, gave an overview of the strategy, tactics and planning involved in the preparation for a potential strike by the CRPEG Group at the Chalk River Laboratories (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited [AECL]). CRPEG & AECL subsequently signed a tentative agreement that has since been ratified by CRPEG members.

3. Randy Millage, Chief Negotiations Officer, gave an overview of the status of bargaining at the Institute.

4. Isabelle Roy (General Counsel) provided a legal update. The case law on challenges to the Expenditure Restraint Act (ERA) is still in a state of flux. PIPSC was recently involved in one of the largest settlements in the history of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Walden et al. v. AG of Canada).  In Tipple v. AG (2012 FCA 158), the Federal Court confirmed that reputation and abuse of process damages were allowable.

5. Peter Bleyer and Nicholas Pernal discussed WFA from a policy and strategic communications point of view. He emphasized the need for PIPSC members to communicate the impacts of public service cuts on the public. Peter then explained the Institute’s science strategy.

6. Emily Norgang, PIPSC Compensation and Policy Analyst, presented an analysis of the potential impact of Bill C-38: Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Act. The omnibus budget bill was an act to implement certain provisions of the 2012 Federal budget. The bill amends 77 pieces of legislation dealing with the labour movement, employment insurance, old age security, environment protection, fisheries, species at risk, food safety, emergency response and marine safety etc.

7. John Arthur discussed the August 17, 2012 meeting of the Engineering Working Group (EngWG). A representative of Engineers Canada attended the meeting.

8. Glenn Maxwell, Chair of the Working Group on Consultation (WGC), gave a brief summary of the August 17, 2012 WGC meeting.

9. The Advisory Council passed two resolutions dealing with a Bargaining Conference in 2013 and the implementation of By-Law 7.4 (Evaluation Report by President):

a) Moved & seconded that the Board of Directors support a Bargaining Conference for 2013 and that budget details be costed out based on the 2009 conference venue.

b) Moved & seconded that the Advisory Committee remind the Board of Directors of Institute By-Law 7.4 Evaluation Report by President (By-Law 7: RIGHTS OF MEMBERSHIP): “At least four (4) weeks before the Annual General Meeting, all members shall be provided with a written evaluation by the President of the effectiveness of the Institute in meeting the objectives in By-Law 2.”

10. The AC discussed the Open Space Technology (OST) Report. I was then tasked to take forward the following questions to the Chief Information Officer & the Board:

a) When and how (projects, processes, plans etc) will the data and information gathered from the OST sessions for the AC & PIPSC Staff be dispositioned?

b) When will an action plan be prepared to resolve the open issues identified in the OST Reports?

c) When and how will the AC and PIPSC Staff be informed about decisions and solutions resulting from the OST Reports?

11. Dates of next meetings:

  • AC Steering Committee – September 8, 2012
  • AC meeting – October 27, 2012

Submitted by Kofi Crentsil, AC Director

Publish Date: 19-NOV-2012 02:40 PM
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