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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report from the December 12-13 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

1) Board members discussed the disposition of resolutions carried at the 92nd Annual General Meeting (AGM).

2) Eddie Gillis (Chief Operations Officer) presented the draft agenda for the 2012 Board Strategic Planning Session (January 18-19). He also presented guidelines for the hiring of stewards. The guidelines were approved by the Board.

3) Isabelle Roy (General Counsel) provided an update on the Institute’s constitutional challenge contesting the Public Service Labour Relations Act’s limitation to what we consider our constitutional right to bargain staffing, classification and pension matters.
She also provided an overview of other recent legal decisions dealing with the constitutional right to bargain.

4) Some Regional Directors raised the issue of no-shows at Institute events (eg, Regional & Steward Councils). No-shows may result in monetary loss for hotel rooms and food. The Regional directors will draft a common policy to minimize the incidence of no-shows.

5) The Board approved a request by the Engineering Working Group to extend its mandate for another three years.

6) The quarterly reports of the Chiefs (Chief Information Officer, Chief Regional Operations, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Negotiations Officer) on the operations of their divisions were received.

7) As tasked at the last AC meeting, I presented two briefing notes (Roles and Responsibilities of VPs & Board Member Interference in Group Activities) to the Board for discussion.

8) Al Ravjiani (Chair of the Finance Committee) presented the financial statement for September 2011. The statement was received and approved.

9) Marilyn Best (Chair of the Executive Compensation Committee) provided an update on executive compensation matters.

10) The Board approved the By-Laws of various constituent bodies as presented by Dan Jones (Chair of By-Laws and Policies Committee). Dan also presented the draft Institute Policies on Groups, Sub-Groups, Regions, Branches and Constituent Body Finances.

11) Meetings Dates:

a) Next Board meeting – January 20-21, 2012.

b) Next AC Steering Committee meeting – January 7, 2012.

c) Next AC meeting – February 4, 2012.

Respectfully submitted

Kofi Crentsil, AC Director


1) AC webpage
2) Board webpage
3) Board of Directors - Portfolios and Assignments 2011

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