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Advisory Council (AC)

AC Director’s Report from the October 3-4 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

1) The main issues discussed at the October Board meeting were: 1) Bargaining; 2) PIPSC Annual General Meeting (AGM); 3) Value for Money Review and; 4) Board Orientation and 2015 Board Strategic Planning meeting.

2) Debi Daviau, PIPSC President, and Shannon Bittman, Vice-President, provided an update on bargaining. The Strategic Bargaining Team has been meeting regularly to prepare for bargaining. Some PSLRA groups have now received their lists of Essential Services designated positions. Pursuant to Section 121 of the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA), the Institute has 60 days to review the lists and provide comments to the employer.

3) The Board approved amendments to the Policy on Negotiations and Labour Disputes. The amended policy will be presented to the By-Laws and Policy Committee (BLPC) and Advisory Committee (AC) for review and comment.

4) Steve Hindle, PIPSC Vice-President, and Eddie Gillis, PIPSC Chief Operating Officer, presented the draft agenda for the 2014 PIPSC Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board also approved amendments to the AGM Rules of Procedure. I will be serving again on the Credentials Committee (By-Law with Tim Hord, Ontario Regional Director, and Brian Thompson, Atlantic Regional Director.

5) Steve Hindle, PIPSC Vice-President presented an outline for a Board Orientation package. It will be used for the onboarding of new Board members.

6) As tasked by the Advisory Council, I presented two resolutions on Union Recognition Letters and CLC Strategic Engagement Plan. The Board approved both resolutions.

7) The Board approved Guidelines for Constituent Body Elections as recommended by the Elections Committee

8) A consultant from Intersol presented a progress report on the review of the roles and responsibilities of the Board. The objectives are to clearly document the roles and responsibilities of the Board and clarify how Board members are to work with staff in their areas of responsibility.

9) Isabelle Roy, PIPSC General Counsel, provided a legal update.

10) The Board approved the by-laws of various constituent bodies as recommended by the By-Laws and Policies Committee (BLPC).

11) Del Dickson, Chair of the Finance Committee, and Denis Bourguignon, Chief Financial Officer, presented the final versions of the AGM resolutions resulting from the Value of Money Review. The Board approved the resolutions. The Executive Summary and Final Report of the Value of Money Review as well as the sixteen hypotheses and associated business cases are now available on the Financial Portal.

12) Shirley Friesen, PIPSC Vice-President, presented a proposal for a National Women’s Caucus Brunch on November 9, 2014. The brunch will provide a forum “for women members to discuss and advocate for women’s issues and policy.”

13) Robert Bowie-Reed, NCR Director, presented a proposal for PIPSC participation in a proposed “Democracy School” in conjunction with PSAC-NCR and CAPE. The Board approved the proposal.

14) The Board appointed Robert Bowie-Reed, Shirley Friesen and I to serve on a working group to develop a draft agenda for the 2015 Board Strategic Planning meeting.

15) Meetings Dates:

a) Next Board meeting – November 5-6, 2014.

b) Next AC meeting – October 18, 2014.

Respectfully submitted
Kofi Crentsil, AC Director


1) AC webpage:

2) 2014 portfolios of Board members

3) Board webpage:

Publish Date: 16-OCT-2014 02:29 PM
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