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Advisory Council (AC)

2010 Board Portfolio Assignments

The portfolio assignments are listed below along with a brief description.

Pensions and Benefits

Full-Time Vice President Shannon Bittman will lead the Pension and benefits file. Shannon will be assisted by part-time Vice President David Gray and part-time Vice President Don Burns. Part-time Vice President David Gray will assist on the Pension side of the file while Part time Vice President Don Burns will assist on the benefits side. The three will communicate closely as the subject matter is closely linked.

Pension and Benefits operational needs will be fulfilled and coordinated through Walter Belyea’s shop as the manager responsible. In her capacity, full-time Vice President Bittman will act to coordinate activities with Walter and report through the office of the President, EC and the Board.


There will be no political lead for consultation per se. Vice Presidents and Directors will be tasked by the President, EC or the Board on an as-required basis to assist consultation teams where requested. Such requests, including those of an operational nature such as the need for a particular or special team meeting, should be raised through the office of the President and will be acted on an as-requested basis.

Consultation team Presidents will work through common issues and develop common solutions via the Working Group on Consultation. Consultation Team Presidents will work with the ERO’s and staff assigned by the Manager of Representational services and will follow policy approved by the Board of Directors.

Director Robert Bowie-Reed, as chair of the Working Group on Consultation, will oversee the development of the consultation strategy and policy and report to the Board.

Group and Committee Liaisons

There will be no political liaison for groups or committees of the Board. The Finance Committee will continue to have a VP on it as per the Institutes by-laws which recognizes a VP as a member of the committee, not a liaison. Part-time vice president Don Burns will continue as the VP on finance ensuring continuity.

Groups and committees of the Board may request the participation of a member of the board for a particular meeting or event as it may be advantageous to have a senior political person at a meeting at a particular time and for a particular reason. All requests should come (a timely briefing note at least 3 weeks in advance is suggested) through the office of the President where the matter will be assigned.

Staffing, Outsourcing, and Classification

Full Time Vice Presidents Shannon Bittman and Debi Daviau will cooperate on this file and will work with staff to identify issues and activities. Walter Belyea will be the staff contacts and will assign tasks identified.

Collective Bargaining

Full-time Vice President Debi Daviau will lead this file and will be assisted by AC Director Joe Podrebarac. Walter Belyea will be the portfolio lead on the staff side.

Member Services, Steward Development and Member Engagement

Director Paul Godin will lead this file as Chair of Member Services Committee.

In addition to actions identified in its mandate, the Member Services committee will also advise the Board of Directors on actions necessary to fulfill the strategic direction as laid out by the BOD at its Strategic review session. To this end, the committee will be tasked with fleshing out the broader concepts of the Steward Development program that will be identified by a Presidential Task force on curriculum design (See below).

Presidential Task force on Steward Development - This is a new portfolio.

This portfolio will be led by the President and includes a senior committee. This committee will include the Chair of Member Services and Director Paul Godin, the past Chair of Member Services, Director Marilyn Best, Director Yvon Brodeur who was the lead for past year’s work of the “Committee on Restructure” and finally the Director of By-Laws and Policies Committee.

This Committee will, over the long term, identify waypoints to achieving the strategic objective of designing a steward development program and curriculum as identified in the Board of Directors Strategic session.

Waypoints, issues and ideas identified by this strategic group will be sent to the Member Services Committee who will consider operations and delivery from a member’s point of view. Member Services will then consider and develop options and make recommendations to the Board of Directors compliant with their mandate.

Professional Recognition and Qualification

Director Nita Saville will lead this file as chair of the Committee and, with staff, will develop action plan in line with the strategic direction (improving links to professional associations) identified by the Board of Directors at its strategic session.

Youth - This is a new portfolio

Past Director, Sean O’Reilly will take on this new portfolio. Sean will work with the office of the President to identify, propose, and help put into action initiatives aimed at attracting and engaging the younger members of PIPSC. Proposals will be discussed and vetted through the office of the President. Staff will be identified as initiatives are approved.

Working Group on Consultation

Director Robert Bowie-Reed

Advisory Council

Director Joe Podrebarac

Human Rights

Pascal Joseph


Director Al Ravjiani

Executive Compensation Committee

Director Bonnie Pratt

By-laws, Policy and Governance

Director Dan Jones

Science Advisory Committee

SP member Ray Lauzier

Executive Committee

Full-time Vice President Debi Daviau
Full-time Vice President Shannon Bittman
Part-time Vice President Don Burns
Part-time Vice President David Gray
President Gary Corbett

Values and Ethics Professional Employees Network

While these files are somewhat dormant, they will be handled out of the office of the President. Staff and VPs will be assigned as required.

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