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Advisory Council (AC)

Advisory Council Steering Committee (AC SC)

AC Director’s Report from the 24th of April 2010 Meeting


This was the 2nd meeting of the AC SC for 2010. The members are Brian Kogan (Chair); Kofi Crentsil; Randal Ridgway, Sandra Dhal and Mark Kholi – supported by Walter Belyea and Andria Garveau (PIPSC staff). The AC Director’s position became vacant on the 1st of May 2010 and Kofi Crentsil was elected by the AC SC to complete the AC Director’s Term until the end of 2010 at which time an election will be held at the AC.


The order of business at the AC SC meetings is to review action items from previous AC SC and AC meetings, namely;

a. To develop a better communication strategy for PIPSC and look for a stronger approach;

b. Investigate Videoconferencing to have a standard process available;

c. AC recommendation for the establishment of a Triage concept to deal with affected members in the event of lay off;

d. Ongoing reviews of AC meeting structure;

e. AC SC and AC budget/fund management – to bring this in line with that of Committees;

f. Ongoing one-on-one contact with AC members with the jurisdiction of the AC SC members themselves;

g. Examine an option of a sub-committee of Separate Employers;

h. Examine how to formalize the WGC into a long term entity.

New Business

1. AFS Update – Walter Belyea provided an update on where the AFS Group was with respect to the PStar issue at CRA. Walter reported that the AFS Executive supports and MOU that will allow AFS members to have a say in staffing.

2. Board Portfolios – there was some concern voiced that there was no Political Lead for Groups, especially small Groups – that one would be assigned when requested. The AC SC requests that the PIPSC Executive Committee (EC) provide guidance on who to go to with Group problems. It was suggested that the AC could assist to look at how define the ‘immediacy’ of a problem and how to assess what could be done to address a problem(s).

3. PSMA – a brief has been prepared since there will be no Public Consultation – PIPSC staff/politicos will meet with Treasury Board.

4. Pensions - bill C-9 was brought forward, though it impacts Crown Corporations for now, Walter will bring this up at the next AC meeting to discuss implications to others.

5. Working Group on Consultation Composition – the criteria for membership needs to be developed; participating Departments needs to be examined etc. Mark Kholi will examine this and report back on what by-laws say by the June AC SC meeting

6. PIPSC AGM Resolutions – two resolutions were referred by the AGM to the AC, namely P1 (Amendments to the PIPSC Policy on Union Management Relations: Consultation and Co-Development) and P2 (Amendments to the PIPSC Policy on Union Management Relations: Consultation and Co-Development). Regarding P5 (Extending Compassionate and Eldercare Benefits) – this motion was carried at the AGM and will be examined as far as far as impacts and risks. P9 – (Tracking Database for Human Resources Issues) – referred to the General Council – the AS SC will assist in this analysis.

7. New Claims Process – the AC SC was advised that they would be a test group of the new Claims process (Beta testing sometime in July 2010). The planned launch of the system is September 2010. Denis Bourgignon will be presenting the new claims process at upcoming Regional Councils. During the discussions, it was noted that ‘treasurer training’ should be developed.

8. IM/IT Services at PIPSC – Luc Carriere brought forward concerns about IT at PIPSC not being responsive to member’s needs and being outdated. There were two issues that were discussed at the meeting, namely functionality, expectations of members and corporate services. The AC SC will bring forward a questionnaire for the AC members to complete at the upcoming meeting – to define the problems, not solutions – and bring this to the staff operations.

9. BoD Taskings – the Board tasked the AC to examine two items, namely;

a. Steward Retention and Recruitment plan; and,
b. Liberated Steward definition, roles and responsibilities.

10. AC Elections – the current AC Director (Joseph Podrebarac) notified the AC SC that he will resign his position effective 01 May 10. As a result the AC SC elected Kofi Crentsil to complete the Director term to the end of 2010 with an election to be held at the November AC currently, the vice-chair position on the AS SC is vacant and will be filled by election at the November 2010 meeting.

11. Dates of Meetings;

a. 11 June 2010; 28 August 2010.
b. AC meetings – 29 May 10; 10 July 10; 6 November 10.

Reported by J. Podrebarac PEng, PMP
AC Director

Publish Date: 16-JUN-2010 11:58 AM
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