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AV Group - Ratification Vote

Welcome to the Institute's On-line voting system.

The Ratification vote is now closed. The results will be published on the Web site as soon as they are available. Thank you for your participation. Return to PIPSC Website Home Page

Ballot Distribution

Ballots are distributed over a period of three (3) days. Please allow until February 13, 2017 to receive your ballot before contacting us for a replacement.

Replacement Ballot

If you have inadvertently misplaced or destroyed your ballot, you may request a new ballot from PIPSC, contact Natalie Bélanger, 1-800-267-0446 ext. 4734, or

Important Information

Highlights of the AV Group Tentative Agreement

Rates of Pay (PDF)

Memorandum of Agreement on Domestic Violence (PDF)

Memorandum of Agreement on Supporting Employee Wellness (PDF)

Justification for Employee Wellness and Support Program (PDF)

FAQ - MOA on EWSP (Employee Wellness and Support Program) (PDF)

Workforce Adjustment (PDF)

Changes Contained in Your New Agreement(PDF)

In contrast to previous years when the documents used during the ratification process consisted of initialled texts and a French translation that had not received the Treasury Board’s approval, we have prepared these materials to help you make an informed decision about your Group’s tentative agreement. The full collective agreement is not currently available in both languages and waiting for the Employer to provide its translation would impose an unacceptable delay on the ratification vote process. Please be assured that the information contained in these documents is both current and complete.