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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

CFIA S&A Group - January 2016 Update

Hello Members of the PIPSC CFIA Scientific and Analytic bargaining group.

January 2016 Members' Update

1. Bargaining – We exchanged offers with the CFIA in December 2015. The employer’s proposal was written before the 2015 federal election and reflected the previous government’s policies and intentions. Treasury Board is currently reviewing the bargaining mandates for public service employers, which should result in a change in some of the CFIA’s proposals. Although the newly elected government has committed to respecting collective bargaining, that does not mean that the CFIA will say “yes” to all our demands. Your bargaining team will continue to challenge management on its bargaining proposals and work towards supporting professionalism, making workplaces free from harassment, ensuring that employees have the income support when they are away from work due to illnesses, and getting a fair economic increase.

2. SR Classification – the CFIA issued the second wave of notifications of re-classifications for AG/BI/CH positions to be converted to SR positions. Comments on the recent wave of reclassifications are due by end of January 2016. The CFIA expects that all final notifications will be sent to staff at the end of March 2016. You will have 35 days from the date you received your final notification to file a grievance as per the process agreed to in the MOU signed the CFIA and PIPSC on March 30, 2015. Please contact a Steward or any member of the S & A Executive to provide your comments on the re-classification of your position or to get help filing a grievance. A PIPSC classification expert is available to us to review the grievances before they are submitted.

3. Consultation – We would like to build a more cohesive network of members who are taking part in consultation committees. If you want to know more about the consultation process at the CFIA, contact any member of the CFIA S & A Executive. If you are participating in any consultation committee or Occupational Health and Safety Committee we want to hear from you. Please send us your name, contact info, and which committee you are on. We invite you to join us on a teleconference call on January 28 to get organized. A separate message will be sent out will the call coordinates.

4. Coming Events - We have plans for a number of events in the next few months, so stay tuned. We encourage any member or Steward to hold an event with their local members, or in collaboration with our partners at PSAC, CAPE, in other unions, like-minded local civil society groups and the public. Contact the S & A Executive with your ideas and we can help you with funding, communications and organizing.

Publish Date: 19-JAN-2016 04:06 PM
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