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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

CFIA S&A Group Bargaining Update # 8

As mentioned in bargaining update # 7, the bargaining teams of the S&A Group and that of the CFIA met on January 29-30, 2013 for mediation in front of a mediator appointed by the PSLRB. This was done in order to reduce the number of outstanding issues still on the table after our last session of negotiations and to try to reach a deal. This mediation session was done as a prelude to an arbitration hearing which was to be held in the not too distant future. During the two days of mediation, the two teams worked diligently to resolve some of the issues that led to the impasse. We discussed the big issues including pay increase, severance, vacation cap as well as many others. Progress was made on some issues and we continue to work toward a comprehensive and fair resolution to this round of bargaining. The next move is from the employer. We will keep you posted on any new development.

Publish Date: 13-MAR-2013 01:48 PM
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