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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

Canadian Food Inspection Agency-S&A Group Timeline

The executives of the S&A group are providing an overview of the process leading up the implementation and conclusion of the current round of negotiations between the CFIA and the S&A group. Please note that all dates are tentative for now but the executives felt that providing this information will at least indicate to our members when they should be receiving their back pay as well as prodding them to start thinking about what they are planning to do with their severance payment..

The diagram attached give a general schematic regarding the dates and action. The narrative accompanying the diagram sought to give a bit more detail about the process:


December 17, 2013: Tentative agreement reached with employer after several rounds of bargaining and two rounds of mediation.

February 12: S&A members voted in favour of the tentative agreement.

March-April-May Employer to ratify the tentative agreement. This is a threefold process involving CFIA, Treasury board and finally the Governor in Council. The agreed to contract is then put together so that all the new clauses and other changes are included. . It is then sent for translation and published.

May-June: Both parties sign off on agreement. Thirty days after signing, severance ceases to accumulate for all members.

July-August-Sept Ninety days after signing, all retroactive pay should have been distributed to all members.

October 4 months after signing, all members should have received options letter from employer regarding their severance. . All members should also receive a letter indicating the number of weeks of severance they have accumulated. Members will also be able to find out from CRA the amount of room they have in their RRSP.

Dec. 2014 –Jan. 2015 Employees have up to seven months from the date of signing of the agreement to choose a payment option that best suit their individual need.

NOTE: If an employee does not select an option, then the employer will select Option B for them. Keep an eye out for mail from the employer.

Publish Date: 14-MAR-2014 10:05 AM
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