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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

Subject: SR Conversion process - next steps and grievances

Hello S & A Members:

If you are affected by the SR conversion process, please read the following information and share it with your colleagues.

Official Personal Notification

You should have received an Official Personal Notification (OPN) on April 27, 2016, If you have not received one yet, notify your Manager and your S & A Group Steward. (see full list).

Some employees received the wrong role descriptor and will have another one sent to them some time in the near future. In the meantime, you have the right to file a grievance against the present role descriptor should you choose to do so.

The timeline to file a grievance is 35 calendar days from the date you received the OPN which in most cases is April 27, 2016. Therefore, the final date to file your grievance is June 1, 2016.

Role Descriptor

Review the role descriptor carefully and make a determination on whether or not the role descriptor correctly describes your substantive position as well as any acting position(s) you held during any part of the period from April 1, 2015 to the present.

Contact your Steward

Should you choose to file a grievance, need more information or want to discuss your options, contact your local Steward, any S & A Steward, or any member of the S & A Executive.

Filing Grievances

The first step to filing a grievance is to contact your local S & A Steward. A grievance can be withdrawn at any time during the process by simply sending an e-mail to your PIPSC Classification Officer.

Your manager is not in a position to persuade or coerce you into not filing a grievance. If you feel your reputation or opportunities for advancement may be restricted as a result of filing a grievance, it may be considered harassment, and contravenes your rights in the collective agreement.

If you are currently doing work above your classification level and are not being acknowledged or compensated, and you fear that filing a grievance will limit your career progression, you may want to consider how long you are willing to continue to take on extra responsibilities without proper compensation.

There are two types of grievances:

  • A job content (role descriptor) grievance is a written complaint by an employee regarding the completeness and accuracy of his/her statement of duties.
  • A classification grievance is a written complaint by an employee regarding the group, level and/or ratings assigned to his/her job pursuant to the Employer’s classification action as identified in a classification decision issued to the employee by the Employer.

PIPSC recommends that you complete and submit both job content (role descriptor) and classification grievances at this time strictly to protect your grievance time lines.

Grievance Forms

We do not recommend using the CFIA grievance forms posted on Merlin. Instead, use the forms. The CFIA form offers an option of informal resolution. Do not choose this option. Should a single member choose this route, all the other grievances attached to that particular role descriptor are held in abeyance until the informal process is resolved. There is also a risk that any decision made during the informal resolution will affect directly all other grievances attached to that particular role descriptor.

Complete only the first section with your name, new position name and classification, your home email (if that is where you wish PIPSC communications to come to you), and whether the position is an acting position or your substantive position. Both job content and classification grievances are applied to the following time period, from April 1, 2015 to present. For some people this will result in multiple grievances.

The forms are pre-populated with the basic grievance language and there is no need to provide an analysis of the role descriptor or any comments at the time of filing the grievance.

Sign and date the form. Deliver it to your nearest S & A Group Steward for their signature or it may be scanned and e-mailed if necessary. Then get your supervisor or manager to sign it. In order to keep the documents under your control, make an appointment with your manager and have them sign the forms in your presence. Then scan and send the fully signed document to your Steward. Your Manager sends the original copy to HR, and your Steward sends a copy to PIPSC. Make sure that you keep a copy for your own files.

After Filing a Grievance

The PIPSC Classification team will review the grievances and contact each person individually to gather information and provide instructions on next steps. You will be asked to create a side by side comparison of the role descriptor provided to you with the OPN and the actual roles and responsibilities of the position, so you can start on this at any time. Members are encouraged to review the comments they provided after the first notification to see if these have been addressed. This information will support PIPSC assessment of merits and then arguments on our behalf during the grievance hearings.

PIPSC will group by role descriptor for the job content grievances. Any changes to the role descriptor resulting from the classification grievance hearing will apply to everyone holding that position. Once the job content grievances are settled, then PIPSC will work with members to address the classification grievances. It’s possible that there will be more than one person with the same classification grievance so these may also be heard as a group.

Next Steps

If the issues are not resolved during the first stages of the grievance hearing and there is enough merit to the case, it may be referred to arbitration for a final and binding decision.

You are not alone

There are over 800 individuals affected by this conversion, most of our S & A members. If you want more information or need support of any kind, please feel free to contact an S & A Steward, any member of the S & A Executive, or PIPSC. You can also invite a Steward or executive member to meet with your team by teleconference or in person at any time.

In Solidarity
CFIA Scientific and Analytic Group

May 18, 2016.

Publish Date: 19-MAY-2016 02:01 PM
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