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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

S&A Group Bargaining update #17

Dear CFIA Science & Analytical Group Members:

In Dec 2013, just prior to filing for arbitration for this round of bargaining of the S&A group, the PIPSC negotiator, Suzelle Brosseau, was approached by the CFIA (Brenda Dagenais) for one final round of bargaining, instead of going to arbitration, suggesting CFIA mandate would resolve the remaining issues for an agreement.

The S & A bargaining team agreed to this and a tentative agreement was reached with the CFIA.

The tentative agreement was recommended to the members, and in Feb. 2014 they voted to ratify.

The CFIA agreed to the tentative agreement and committed to send it to Treasury Board for their approval and then the Governor In Council for final sign off.

Our S & A group negotiator was in regular and constant contact with the CFIA to determine progress of agreement since Feb. 2014; up until recently, no clear responses was received from the CFIA.

Apparently only few weeks ago Treasury Board signed off on the agreement.

As of June 14, 2014 we are awaiting approval by Governor in Council.

If the tentative agreement is not signed off by the Governor in Council in June, 2014, the National Executive of the S&A group will immediately send a strong letter of complaint to the President of the CFIA. We will express our dissatisfaction with the length of time taken to reach resolution and ask him to take all possible further action to expedite the signing of the agreement.

The National S & A Group Executive is committed to pursue all avenues available to us to resolve this impasse. ENOUGH of the delays.

S&A Executives

Publish Date: 20-JUN-2014 01:25 PM
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