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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

CFIA Operations Branch Realignment

While we are still awaiting official national direction on communication during this transition period of realignment, PIPSC has received information from CFIA Senior Management regarding communications between colleagues.

Members are likely to be assigned new tasks and files. Some members may be assigned files in which they have little or no knowledge or experience. While Management has the right to assign work, CFIA does support ensuring that employees are trained and capable of performing their work, as per CFIA's Learning Policy.

We recommend that if members are assigned files that they are not comfortable with, that they identify this to their manager and discuss training needs. Until those training needs are met, when members receive questions or assignments that they cannot answer or complete due to lack of knowledge or experience, members are encouraged to contact colleagues in CFIA who have experience in that particular file. If that colleague is not able to help them, or after assistance they are still unable to answer the question or complete the work, members should forward the question or work to their manager.

As we learn more we will continue to communicate with you.

The CFIA Consultation Team

Publish Date: 24-SEP-2014 10:13 AM
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