CFIA S&A Group - Bargaining update # 20

S&A group Bargaining update # 20

Hi, this communication is to update you on a few issues that may be of importance:

1. Retroactive-Pay: By now most of you should have received the bulk of your back pay owing to you based on the signing of the last collective agreement on August 8, 2014. Please have a close look at the details of the payout to ensure that you have received what is owing to you. This is harder than it sounds as it can be complicated to understand all the different line items on the pay slip. Some members should be receiving a subsequent cheque for money owing to them for anything besides your basic pay such as overtime, call back, standby etc. This information has to be entered manually, thus the delay.

2. Severance: The accumulation of severance stops September 8, 2014. Members are starting to receive their severance package and options letters from the employer. This information should be provided to you within three months (by November 8, 2014) of the signing of the collective agreement. You will then have 6 months from August 8, 2014 to respond. Employees have three options on what to do with their severance pay: cash out their accumulated severance pay, cash out some and leave the rest until retirement, or leave it all until retirement. If you do not make a decision, the employer will select the second option for you. If you require advice on this issue, PIPSC has a severance video on their web site or contact Bernard Dussault , 1-800-267-0446 ext. 2311. If you do not receive your severance information by November 8, contact the employer.

3. Bargaining: Since we are already without a contract, we are getting ready for the next round of collective bargaining. We have a bargaining team in place and notice has been served to the employer (as required by law) for bargaining. You will have input into this process as a bargaining survey will be coming your way soon. It is important that you complete this survey as the number of respondents will send a strong message to the employer that we are cohesive in our demands. We will be asking stewards of the S&A group to set up lunch and learn sessions across the country to discuss issues of common interest.

The executives of the S&A group thank all of you for your kind words regarding the last round of bargaining and you have our pledge that we will continue to work on your behalf. There are many changes that the CFIA are implementing and the executives have been actively participating when we can to ensure that these changes do not negatively affect any of you. Sometimes we are more successful than others but our goal has always been to protect your interest.

Executives of S&A group

Publish Date: 27-OCT-2014 09:42 AM

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