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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

Update to CFIA S&A members on the Regulatory Science (SR) Classification Conversion

The second phase of the Regulatory Science (SR) conversion will start mid December 2015. For more details on the second stage as well as information on stage 1, please see Info Bulletin dated November 12, 2015. Stage 2 of the SR conversion will include all of the remaining AG, BI and CH employees at the Agency: HR Branch and the Integrity and Redress Secretariat and the inspectorate positions in Operations Branch.

Similar to the first stage, members’ part of stage 2 will receive their Advance Personal Notification (APN) with a determined period to provide informal feedback. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your SR conversion with your manager and have a steward present should you choose to. Your other recourse is to file a grievance. It is to your advantage and strongly suggested that members read the two Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) signed by your union (PIPSC) and the employer (CFIA). These documents are found on CFIA intranet site at http://merlin/english/hrrh/repedep/def/srclasse.aspx. Or RDIMS 6535564 and RDIMS 6319341.

As part of this process, the S&A group executives will keep track of any concerns members may have relating to their SR group conversion. Your S&A group executive generated a form for your convenience to express concerns with regards to the conversion, once completed, please send to one or more of the following: steward, the president of S&A group (DR. Umadatt Singh, the Vice president of the S&A group (Sylvie D’Alcantara)and/or the employer at The S&A group executive will review the feedback results and raise concerns at future consultation sessions with the employer. The feedbacks and comments are also a way to flag patterns of dissatisfaction if any that will be used for further discussion with CFIA.

Again, the grievances attached to the same role descriptor will be resolved together in one grievance hearing rather than separate/individual grievance. This chosen method is to alleviate any fear of filing a grievance as members’ names will form part of a larger group. For more information, read sections 26-34 of the last MOU detailing the proposed grievance process. Any questions or concerns should be forwarded to any member of the S&A executive group.

Stage 1 of the conversion process is well underway. All members involved in the first stage of conversion (Science Branch, Policy and Program Branch and the advisory positions in Operations Branch) received their APN in April 2015. Their comments and feedback are currently with their respective branch management groups. Their comments and feedback are being reviewed and appropriate revisions are being made to the respective stage 1 role descriptors. Individuals included in this stage will receive their Official Personal Notification at the same time as the members in stage 2 conversion before end of fiscal year.

If you have any questions on the SR project, please refer to the CFIA intranet, where you can find a wealth of information as well as a regularly updated Questions and Answers document. Additional information on the stage 2 conversion will follow, as we get closer to the notification date. Stewards and S&A group executive are at your disposal.

Publish Date: 30-NOV-2015 11:45 AM
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