CFIA S&A Bargaining Update #1 - December 2015

CFIA S&A Bargaining Update #1 – December 2015

The S&A Bargaining Team met to exchange proposals and begin negotiations between December 14 and 16, 2015. Your Bargaining Team made evidenced based presentations outlining the justification for all the demands, and presented on its Scientific Integrity demand and justifications on hours of work, work week, shift premiums and call back articles.

The employer presented their proposals and brief justifications. Mr. Gerard Etienne, VP of Operations at CFIA and Sylvain Souligny, Executive Director, Human Resources at CFIA also made presentations on Agency Transformation and the new Human Resources Framework. We will post the bargaining proposals when the translations are complete and future dates once confirmed. If you have any questions or comments please contact the negotiator by e-mail

Publish Date: 23-DEC-2015 01:40 PM

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