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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - S&A

Message to CFIA S&A Members on the SR Conversion

The SR conversion is now on the verge of taking place. It will impact members currently classified as AG/BI/CH. As indicated by the employer in their latest National InfoBulletin , a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by the employer and the Professional Institute in March 2015. A copy of this MOU can be found on CFIA’s intranet site at http://merlin/english/hrrh/repdep/def/srclasse.aspx or RDIMS # 6535564. I would strongly suggest that all members classified within the affected groups read this document as it will help to explain the process going forward.

Sections 12 and 13 of this MOU clarify the process involved in your conversion. After you receive your Advanced Personal Notification, the informal feedback process will begin. At this stage, if you have questions or concerns about your new role descriptor, you are welcome to discuss your SR conversion with your manager and have a steward present for those discussions should you choose.

As part of this process the executives of the S&A group will be keeping track of any concerns members may have relating to their conversion to SR. Towards this end we have generated a form for you to complete and send either to a steward or to the President (Dr. Umadatt Singh) or Vice-President (Sylvie d’Alcantara) of the S&A group. This form should come in handy for members to formally write their concerns with regard to their conversion. We are planning on discussing these concerns with CFIA in future consultations. We will also be looking for any patterns of dissatisfaction and try and group these for further discussion with CFIA.

Members should try to work out any issues that they may have with their managers, but should they be unable to do so and they receive their Official Personal Notification, then the option of filing a grievance is always available. Again we will group the grievances and try and resolve them in batches rather than individually. This should alleviate any fear of filing a grievance as members’ names will form part of a larger group. Sections 26-34 give details of the proposed grievance process.

Should you have any questions, please contact a member of the S&A group executive.

May 4, 2015

Publish Date: 04-MAY-2015 01:56 PM
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