CFIA-VM Group - Election Newsletter - 2015 Winter

Veterinary Medicine Group

Thanks to all of our executive members who ran in our 2014 Fall Election.

YOUR Election Committee Chair, Dr. Witold Wince, would like to announce all won by Acclamation!

This includes:

Dr. Valerie Coupal representing Quebec

Dr. Ravi Rai representing Ontario

Dr. Krista Puddester representing Atlantic

Dr. Ayman Soryal as a Member-At-Large

Dr. Doug Aitken as a Member-At-Large

Thanks to our membership for your support in your current National executive.

These newly-elected members (Article 6.5 of the CFIA-VM By-laws) will take office at the February 28st, 2015 National Group Executive Meeting.

Publish Date: 03-FEB-2015 03:24 PM

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