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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - VM



February 2012

Following the close of nominations on January 27, 2012 the following members expressed their willingness to serve as representatives on the CFIA-VM Group Executive. Candidates for the following positions are:

Member-at-Large (0ne (1) position)
Ayman Soryal, VM02. MH, Ontario
Gurcharan Sandhu, VM02. MH Ontario
Sujinder Bhachoo, VM02, AH, BC
Lina Johannson, RVO, Saskatchewan

British Columbia Region
Douglas Aitken (Acclaimed ), VM03, AH. - 2 year mandate

National Capital Region
Ann Allain, (Acclaimed ) VM04 AH. - 2 year mandate

Prairie/NWT Region
David Cartledge, (Acclaimed) VM02 MH. – 2 year mandate

Accordingly, elections are required for the Member-at-Large position.

This is your voter’s kit for the election of the CFIA-VM Group Executive Member. Please note that you are entitled to vote for one (1) candidate.
Please read all materials carefully to ensure that your vote gets counted.

Only Members in good standing of PIPSC in the CFIA-VM Group are eligible to vote in these elections.

All candidates were invited to submit résumés, of 200 words or less , stating their
experience/objectives. Résumés of candidates for the position of Member-at-Large are enclosed for your review.

NOTE:The resumés submitted have been reproduced without corrections. The translated versions were produced by PIPSC translators and are identified by the letters [tr] following the candidate’s name.

Michael Aleong,

Chair, Election Committee


I graduated as a Veterinarian in 1995 from Punjab Agriculture University, India .I came to Canada in 1998 and passed my board exams in 2001 . I joined CFIA in April 2002 and started working at Maple Leaf Pork Brandon, Manitoba. In Nov. 2002 I moved to Ontario and worked as a VM 01 in almost every plant in Toronto and Southwest region with different species. Now I am working in Maple lodge farms and serving as union steward in Brampton.

Throughout my employment, I have demonstrated to be an excellent worker by my supervisors and have worked effectively with both staff members and clients. I am thorough person with positive attitude and excellent communication skills. I am also committed to continually developing my skills and knowledge through professional development studies and experience of my colleagues.

Now I want to serve PIPSC as an Executive member of VM group. As I worked in different regions in different plants and with different peoples so I can better understand problems of different people in different regions and I can better represent them in PIPSC.


Dr. Gurcharan Sandhu DVM

Hello members! I began my career with the Agency 3 ½ years ago as a front line Meat Hygiene veterinarian in a very publicized slaughter facility. I have since worked in Animal Health, and am now the Saskatchewan Regional Veterinary Officer. This position allows me to be in contact with front line members which gives me an awareness of your real issues. I have been a steward for 2 years, and have gained a lot of experience in representation of members and communication with management. My areas of expertise include OSH, and working with management to create positive and constructive relationships to solve problems and address issues in a professional way. I believe that my continued experience with front line staff gives me the ability to correctly represent issues, and promote communication among members. I have represented members on Regional and WA union-management consultation committees, and have now been on the VM Group Executive for 6 months. I believe I have made a positive contribution to the Executive, while maintaining contact with you the members. Please give me the opportunity to continue this work and vote for me to represent you on the VM Group Executive. Thank you.

Lina Johannson

I am an active member of the VM group as vice president of the BC sub group.

As a steward, I talk to the new members and encourage all members to actively participate in the union meetings. Our members represent the backbone of union.

I always take note of the all complaints, clarifying the problem and responding with the desired outcome of a wise solution. This is valuable in keeping the union morale high.

In the near future, our classification and collective agreement negotiations are entering into an intense phase. I feel that the members of the VM group are more actively involved than ever. Their feed back is most important for the success of the negotiations.

Concerning Inspection Modernization, I will ensure that new policies and programs protect the interests of the VM group. My incentive is to get better training opportunities for career enhancement and professional development.

My aim will be to work hard and diligently to achieve an enhanced representation of group members in various committees, with a goal of better working conditions and monetary benefits.

Your vote for me is the first step in achieving our goals.

Sujinder Bhachoo DVM, MVSc

Dr. Ayman Soryal

I am the Veterinarian in Charge at Est. 658, Welland. I have been working in CFIA for nine (9) years. For the last six years I have been a PIPSC steward for Central Region, in Ontario. I have extensive experience in supporting our members with CFIA management in terms of transfer requests, placement of affected VMs with reasonable job offer, accommodation issues, grievances in the first and second level and dealings with harassment complaints.

Presently, I am representing VMs in both Regional and Area level at UMCC, ETP and OSH committees. I am experienced in collective agreement interpretations and have been responsible for delivering Harassment training for our members in the Ontario Area since 2010. I held the position as Treasurer in the Ontario VM Sub-group since 2009.

I want to offer my experience and support to our national Executive. I believe that, we as Veterinarians must keep our professionalism and continue to improve our work environment. I would also like to see us getting a fair collective agreement, and must include equivalent compensation to the private sector, and career development and advancement.

I am looking for your support to serve you in the national executive.

Publish Date: 14-FEB-2012 11:49 AM
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