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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - VM

Veterinary Medicine Group

(From our January 25, 2014 meeting)

Please use these personal e-mail addresses to communicate with Executive members on PIPSC issues rather than on the CFIA Group Wise System.

Ravi Rai President (Ontario Rep)
Ayman Soryal Vice President & NOSH (Member-At-Large)
Ann Allain Secretary (NCR Rep)
Lina Johannson Treasurer & NUMCC (Member at large)
Valérie Coupal (Quebec Rep)
Doug Aitken Parliamentarian (B.C. &Yukon Rep)
Dave Cartledge Communications (Prairies Rep)
Witold Wince (BC & Yukon Rep)
Krista Ann Puddester (Atlantic Rep)

Should you have an interest in learning more, please contact any of the group Executives to discuss becoming a union Steward. Many hands make for light work.

Dr. Michael Aleong retired in January 2014 from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. He was an active member of the VM Group, taking on roles in areas of stewarding, consultation, and on the group Executive. Dr. Aleong contributed his time, energy and strength to the VM Group and we are stronger because of his contribution over the years. We wish him a long and healthy retirement.


Nominations for the open CFIA VM Group Executive positions were received by these candidates only and thus, the following members are acclaimed to the positions indicated:

Dr Witold Wince BC & Yukon (position 1)
Dr Lina Johannson Prairies/NWT (position 2)
Dr Ann Allain NCR (position 4)
Dr David Cartledge Member-at-Large (position 7)

As per Article 6.5 of the CFIA VM By-Laws - The newly-elected Group Executive members took office at the January 25, 2014 Group Executive meeting.

Congratulations to you all!


Dr Valérie Coupal
Elections Committee Chair

Publish Date: 09-DEC-2013 10:25 AM

Note: Doug Aitken has agreed to take retiring Mike Aleong’s place as a Member-At-Large, as of January 17th,2014. Doug will stay in this position until it is up for election this year.

B. VM Bargaining Update – Tentative Deal Reached with CFIA

As previously reported, the VM Group had applied for arbitration. CFIA contacted our negotiator just prior to Christmas to explore the possibility of continuing mediation. The Team accepted the offer to continue mediation and a tentative settlement with the Employer was reached on January 14, 2014, after 2 days of mediation. The details of the settlement will be available soon in a ratification package that is being prepared for members to vote on.

We are still holding arbitration dates until both parties ratify this deal. The VM bargaining team endorses this tentative agreement and recommends members vote in favour of ratification.

Publish Date: 20-JAN-2014 12:06 PM

Note: The VM Group Executive supports this tentative agreement. Members have the right to vote their conscience on this with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the ratification vote is ‘no’, then we got to Arbitration. At that time, all things will probably be put back on the arbitration table by both sides. The VM bargaining team has fought long and hard for the membership, and will continue to do so. For members with questions, PLEASE contact your National Executive members from your personal e-mail address to ours. We can schedule information sessions with our negotiator, Michael Urminsky, if needed. This agreement expires this fall, and negotiations start again, with a new landscape with Bill C4.

C. Work Description Grievances

PIPSC has been in touch with the PSLRB to ascertain the procedure they wish to follow in order to ensure the validity of as many of the 643 job content grievances as possible. We do not as yet have a specific direction, but expect one very soon. We are hoping that we will be able to use a similar process to the 2009 grievances whereby one representative grievor completed the required form and the remaining members signed a roster type form. It is likely that there will need to be a representative grievor for each separate work description, which would mean 23.

The remainder of the administrative work has begun in terms the organization for the filing itself. The development of tables to coordinate signatures with work descriptions as well as to track our progress in the collection of data is underway.

Once the filing is complete (realistically mid-October) we will be awaiting information from the PSLRB in terms of potential mediation and/or scheduling of the hearing. This is likely to take upwards to a year to receive a date.

UPDATE: We are waiting for the PSLRB to give us some dates for a hearing! The work content grievances are NOT linked to bargaining or negotiating collective agreements.

D. Work Adjustment/DRAP/COE?

We continue to work on members' behalf regarding the DRAP decisions. As the COE concept continues to be developed, we will be increasing our discussion of this issue.

E. Meat Hygiene Allowance (MHA) and our Superannuation!

From Top Management:

“When the Meat Hygiene Allowance (MHA) was developed and implemented by PWGSC on a bi weekly basis there was some errors in the coding which created the problem of the data not getting to the pension system. Over the years compensation has made the corrective actions manually upon end of termination only, as the addition of the MHA has a minimal effect on the value of the actual pension or pension estimates.

CFIA has been in contact with PWGSC over the past years to find a way to correct this issue and are close to fixing this once and for all. This however will require some considerable time as there is a requirement to review all MHA payments and update the pay, pension and the human resources system accordingly. We are currently looking at strategies to have this completed with a view of any additional requirements which may be part of the payroll transition to Miramichi.

Once we have come to a decision on the most efficient way of correcting or adding the data, a strategy will be put in place to do it in a timely manner. All corrective actions and data integrity will be completed prior to files being transferred to the new pay centre.”

F. Essential Services

The Canadian Labour Congress, and PIPSC as a member of the CLC, are considering options, including a charter challenge on the coming into force of Bill C-4, particularly regarding the issues of essential services, the designation of positions as essential, and the choice between strikes and third party arbitration to resolve disputes. C-4 has not yet been implemented.

NOTE: Our National Executive meeting was held on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario.

A 2014 Spring Newsletter will be coming soon!

In Solidarity,
Dave Cartledge – Communications Officer

Publish Date: 21-MAR-2014 02:33 PM
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