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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - VM


APRIL 2014

Dear CFIA-VM members,

On January 14, 2014 your VM Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to renew the VM Groups Collective Agreement. This agreement must be ratified by the VM Membership. The Bargaining Team and Group Executive recommend acceptance of this tentative agreement.

A “Yes” Vote means: You are accepting all of the changes proposed in the tentative agreement. Those changes will take place at the date of signing and the employer will have a period of 120 days to implement them.

A “No” vote means: You reject the tentative agreement and instruct the VM Bargaining Team to pursue further negotiation or arbitration in order to get a better deal. The dispute resolution method is arbitration this round of collective bargaining.

In this Ratification kit you will find
1) A One page summary of the changes to the collective agreement
2) Actual negotiated changes to the collective agreement.
3) New Pay Grid

This vote will be done electronically. All members in good standing will receive by e-mail the voting instructions and a voting code during the first weeks of April 2014.

The Group Executive and Negotiator will be available for discussions with members of the group to provide information and answer question. If interested in arranging for such a discussion, please contact a member of your Executive.

In Solidarity,

Michael Urminsky
VM Group Negotiator

Publish Date: 14-APR-2014 02:40 PM
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