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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - VM

The CFIA Operations Branch is undergoing a realignment

The CFIA Operations Branch is undergoing a realignment. This realignment involves all positions that contributed to the provision of program advice, interpretation, and guidance to front line staff. Creation of the Centers of Expertise (COEs) is only one part of this realignment process. COE is not the sole role being realigned. Many members doing these types of duties in Operations and Policy and Programs are a part of this realignment. Members will be given a questionnaire where they will need to indicate their interest(s) in the different job duties.

Members are encouraged to provide as much information as possible on this questionnaire; this is where you can indicate what you would be interested in doing. Members will also be asked about their willingness to relocate; indicating a willingness to relocate at some time in the future does not constitute an agreement to relocate. CFIA management has emphasized that no jobs will be lost through realignment. They also stated that relocations will not be forced.

New distribution of duties and new assigned roles will require new job descriptions. PIPSC does not have information at this time about all of the new job duties/distribution, nor what new job descriptions may be created. There have been discussions between PIPSC and management about this, and management states that the new roles will be comparable to the current AG/BI/VM 03 and 05 duties. As these roles are implemented, PIPSC will be participating in discussions with the employer about the job descriptions.

If members have questions they are encouraged to contact their supervisor and/or their PIPSC Group Executive member.

Publish Date: 20-JUN-2014 02:04 PM
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