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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - VM


As members are aware at the end of 2012 the Bargaining Team engaged in mediation with the Employer to attempt to settle a new collective agreement. It became evident during mediation that the Employer had very limited discretion to settle the agreement with the Union. The Employer sought permission for a revised mandate from Treasury Board. However, it seems Treasury Board is not prepared to move from the very basic deal of members giving up severance for percentage increases of 1.75, 1.5 and 2 over a three year agreement. The Bargaining Team believes this is unsatisfactory for the VM Group.

Many other PIPSC Groups have achieved other modest gains during this round of bargaining and your bargaining team is confident that it can do so to. We have now applied to the Public Service Labour Relations Board to settle the contract between the Group and CFIA. As soon as we have a hearing date we will post it to the web site.

Publish Date: 22-OCT-2013 08:14 AM
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