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Veterinary Medicine Group
Veterinary Medicine Group

Thanks to all of our executive members and members who ran in our 2015 Fall Election.

YOUR Election Committee Chair, Dr. Ayman Soryal, and committee member, Dr. Doug Aitken, would like to announce who was elected!

This includes:

Dr. Ann Allain representing NCR by acclamation.
Dr. Witold Wince representing British Columbia/Yukon by acclamation.
Dr. Lina Johannson representing Prairies by acclamation.
Dr. David Brown as a Member-At-Large
Dr. Mehdi Hassanzadeh as a stand in for Lina, who will soon be on Maternity Leave (CONGRATULATIONS Lina!)

Thanks to our membership for your support in your current National executive.
These newly-elected members (Article 6.5 of the CFIA-VM By-laws) will take office at the December 12th National Group Executive Meeting where the election of our executive will take place.

Please use these personal email addresses to communicate with Executive members on PIPSC issues rather than on the CFIA Group Wise System.

Ayman Soryal President (Member-At-Large)

Valérie Coupal Vice President (Quebec Rep)
Ann Allain Secretary (NCR Rep)
Lina Johannson Treasurer & NUMCC (Prairies & NWT Rep)
Doug Aitken Job Action Lead & Essential Services Lead (Member-At-Large)
David Brown (Member-At-Large)
Witold Wince (BC & Yukon Rep)
Krista Ann Puddester NOSH (Atlantic Rep)

Ravi Rai (Ontario Rep)

Val is also our Grievance & Negotiations Chair; Krista is our NOSH representative, with support from Ayman; Lina continues as our Consultation Chair, with support from Krista & Ayman and leads from each area.
Should YOU have an interest in learning more, please contact any of the group Executives to discuss becoming a union steward. Many hands make for light work.

A. CFIA – VM Job Content Grievances – Update – June 27th, 2015

This is to inform you of the latest developments on the job content grievances filed in 2011 as part of the National VM grievance campaign.

On February 27, 2015 the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to move forward on the several hundred outstanding work description grievances that resulted from the roll out of the generic work descriptions in 2011.

This MOU establishes a joint consultation committee to discuss the content of the generic VM work descriptions issued in 2011.

Consultations were held at the end of May 2015. PIPSC presented information and evidence regarding the content of the work descriptions.

CFIA has completed analysis of this information. By the end of the month, CFIA will share it’s conclusions with PIPSC.

After this step (within the following 20 working days), we will have the opportunity to make a final hearing grievance presentation to the Vice-President/Human Resources Branch.

For more information, please contact Emilie Gagné, PIPSC Classification Officer.


MHA is continuing to be a challenge. Many members did not receive the allowance on their new salary in September, 2014 after our new Collective Agreement was signed in August, 2014. I finally received the correct 4% of my new salary wage in April, 2015. NOW, I have to wait for the pay-back from September to April! Many members I talk to have had, or STILL have similar challenges. CFIA management is only handling these on an individual basis, it appears? I encourage all members to be vigilant in contacting their CFIA compensation advisor to resolve your issues.

C. CVS (Compliance Veri
fication System) is becoming a major issue for all VM members to be trained in. Alternately, working with our PSAC inspectors and shadowing their work may be the only training that is budgeted for by management!

D. SHELTER IN PLACE and lockdown is to be raised at all UMCC meetings to deal with future CFIA office issues.

E. Essential Services designations continue to be reviewed by PIPSC and our National Executive members. If you have concerns about being designated, please contact a member of the VM Executive.

F. Treasury Board New Personnel Security Standard

On October 20, 2014, the Treasury Board repealed its Personnel Security Standard and replaced it with a new version that is potentially privacy invasive. The new standard requires, among other things, credit and criminal record verifications. The Institute filed a policy grievance for each of its Treasury Board groups alleging implementation without consultation and privacy invasion. The response to the grievance is below. The Institute is presently assessing a judicial review of the response and will continue posting updates on the issue.

On April 17, 2015, the Institute filed in Federal Court an application for an injunction to prevent the Treasury Board from implementing its new Reliability Screening Policy. The Institute seeks the injunction to prevent irreparable harm to members’ privacy rights.

Attached here are the documents that were filed in Court.

No dates have been set yet by the Court to hear the matter.

The CFIA is implementing this standard. The VM Executive continues to monitor this issue and will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Your next National Executive meeting is on Saturday, December 12th , 2015 in Ottawa,

In Solidarity,

Dave Cartledge – Communications Officer, and my last National newsletter. I will continue as an active Steward in Red Deer, Alberta with the Lacombe/Red Deer Branch and Alberta Region Sub-Group.

Publish Date: 10-DEC-2015 02:35 PM
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