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Canadian Food Inspection Agency - VM

Summary of the Main Changes to the Collective Agreement

1) Effective one month from signing the new agreement the pattern of changes which have been made to severance pay in all parts of the public service will apply to the VM Collective Agreement. The changes include the elimination of severance pay in cases of voluntary termination of employment, some improvement to severance pay on layoff, depending on length of service, and compensation by way of a buyout based on length of service (one week’s pay for each year or part year of service up to a maximum of 30 weeks’ pay. This buyout will apply to both indeterminate and term employees.

2) Marriage Leave converted to one time entitlement of 37.5 hours of vacation leave. This vacation leave is excluded from the Vacation Cap agreed to in the tentative agreement.

3) Introduction of a cap of 262.5 hours of vacation leave.

4) Members with vacation leave banks of more than 262.5 hours will need to burn down by an extra 10 days each year until their leave bank reaches a balance of 262.5 hours.

5) Article C 4 - Bereavement leave – increase from 5 -7 consecutive calendar days of bereavement leave with Pay.

6) Article C2(b) – Recognition of Prior Service in Canadian Forces for Vacation Purposes

7) Article C11.03 – Leave with Pay for Family Related Responsibilities- expanded reasons for which this leave may be approved.

8) Article B14 – Compensatory Leave with Pay – clarifying language

9) C7.02(f) – Compassionate Care – The appendix was removed on compassionate care and an article was introduced on this in the body of the collective agreement which represents an improvement on compassionate care.

10) Changes to labour relations article to make it consistent with other agreements in the public sector.

11) Small self explanatory and editorial changes to C2.15, C2.15, C3.06, D1.04, D3.02, D6, A7.01(c), B5.01 &5.02, C2.16, G5.02

Publish Date: 14-APR-2014 02:25 PM
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