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On March 3, 2015, PIPSC met with SSC in order to obtain an update on the IT generic roll out and the new SSC Way Forward initiative. Please note that PIPSC and SSC have agreed to close 6 Portfolios in April 2015. Prior to the closing, incumbents of those portfolios will receive a final notification from management informing them of the closure of their portfolio and the timelines around grievance submissions. All incumbents who have not grieved and want to do so will have to submit their grievances within 35 days of receiving their final notification.

PIPSC was informed that the new SSC Way Forward initiative will be implemented as of April 1, 2015. Although SSC does not anticipate this new structure to impact our members, PIPSC will not know the full impact on our groups until the implementation phase is completed. Other non-CS groups could be impacted in the future. SSC has agreed to consult with PIPSC prior to implementing decisions that could have an impact on any of our non-CS members.

In reference to the IT Generic roll out project, PIPSC also requested an update on the outstanding portfolios. SSC indicated that there was little progress being made at this current time due to shortage of staff and priority given to the new SSC Way Forward initiative. PIPSC raised its concerns with HR Management, as our priority remains the completion of the first initiative before subsequent structures overtake earlier decisions.

Portfolios closing in April 2015:

  • Economic & International Portfolio
  • Finance Portfolio
  • Government Ops Portfolio
  • Social Portfolio
  • Science Portfolio
  • Corporate Information and Security Officer Portfolio (Previously CS-CFO)

If you work in one of these portfolios, watch for your notification as it will provide details on how to resolve any issues that may be of concern.

If you wish to see the memorandum of understanding, please click on this link.

Publish Date: 25-MAR-2015 09:55 AM
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