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CS Group - Classification Awareness

Fellow members,

As classification officer on the CS Group National Executive, I wanted to touch base with you to bring awareness of changes that are forthcoming.

WHAT: The employer is in the process of making revisions to all aspects of the CS Group Occupational Structure, namely: the Group Definition, the Minimum Qualifications and the Classification Standard.

The current standard was published on October 1, 1984. The work of our group has changed dramatically since then. For example, the outdated standard has no benchmarks for the technical support stream including desktop support, various levels of network support and service desk support. A new standard will replace the Computer Systems Administration (CS) Classification with a new Information Technology (IT) Group.

PIPSC (Classification officers and CS Group Classification committee) has been involved somewhat during the lengthy process of updating this structure for the past 12+ years. We are working very hard trying to accomplish meaningful consultation and collaboration with this project which is still ongoing.

WHEN can we see changes published? The process is very lengthy, there is no clear end date as of yet, but although the structure is outdated, we want to ensure that we have done our due diligent in providing feedback and raising our concerns before this is implemented.

HOW will this affect you? Besides changing your classification name from a “CS” to “IT”, your job description MAY be re-evaluated, once the new classification standard is implemented to ensure proper alignment with the new standard. Your work and the service you deliver will not change.

Any concerns, comments or questions can be directed to myself, Eva Henshaw, at

I will do my best to answer and/or bring forward your concerns.
In solidarity,

Eva Henshaw
CS Group Executive – Classification Officer

Publish Date: 16-MAY-2016 02:45 PM
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