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2015 PIPSC AGM – Call for CS Delegates


NOVEMBER 6th and 7th, 2015

This year's AGM will be held November 6th and 7th at the Delta Ottawa City Centre. The AGM is a gathering of the full membership of PIPSC as represented by delegates whose purpose is to review and set the policy direction of the Institute. It is a convention, conducted under parliamentary rules, where issues are presented, debated and voted upon by the delegates. Delegates to the AGM represent the Board of Directors, bargaining groups, and regional bodies that form the PIPSC organization.

At the AGM, PIPSC members determine how our union will be directed to proceed in the following year. Institute policy is set, monthly dues are determined, and the costs of running the organization are reviewed. In addition to planning and organizing, the AGM also provides the best opportunity for delegates of all Groups in PIPSC to meet as a whole and exchange ideas and information.

A Group delegate is an ordinary member who volunteers to participate as a representative of the Group; the member must be accepted by that Group's Executive to act as a delegate on the Group's behalf. Although we are asking all CS's to consider being delegates, we are limited to the number we can accept as delegates, according to PIPSC by-laws.

Any member of the CS Group who is interested in being a delegate is asked to complete the application form for the PIPSC 2015 AGM and submit it to Linda Jubainville.

The deadline for submitting applications will be Wednesday June 10, 2015 at noon Ottawa time. Applications submitted after June 10th at noon will not be considered.

On the form, you are asked to enter the reasons you wish to be a delegate. We will select delegates based on the information provided, using criteria such as the following:

  • Regional representation
  • Departmental representation
  • Participation in Group Activities
  • Participation in Regional Activities

For more information, contact Julie Gagnon,
AGM Coordinator, at (613) 228-6310, ext: 2218
Or 1-800-267-0446 ext: 2218,
Or by e-mail at the following e-mail.

Yours in Solidarity,
Stan Buday CS Group President

Publish Date: 01-JUN-2015 03:09 PM
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